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Wynonna Judd

I Wanna Foreclose

On Ashley's Dad

7/11/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Another sign of turmoil in the Judd family -- country singer Wynonna Judd is declaring war on her ex-stepdad, Ashley Judd's father ... and has now taken steps to foreclose on the guy's house.

Wynonna filed the lawsuit against Michael Ciminella in Kentucky, claiming she loaned him $200,000 back in 1994 ... a loan he secured against his house ... and he still hasn't repaid the debt.

Now, Wynonna claims the loan has swelled to $242,317 with interest and late fees -- so she's asking a judge to let her foreclose on Ciminella's house in order to get her money.

To clarify -- Michael was married to Wynonna's mother Naomi Judd from 1968-1972, during which the couple had Wynonna's half-sister Ashley (the actress). Wynonna's biological father was never married to Naomi.

The lawsuit's the latest example of a major fissure in the Judd family -- just last month, Wynonna married her boyfriend at her Tennessee home ... and neither Ashley nor their mother were invited to the wedding.

A judge has yet to rule on the lawsuit. Calls to Ciminella were not returned.


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PJ in Texas    


836 days ago

PJ in Texas    

AI don't blame her for wanting her money back ... by the way, I know you have better pictures of her than that TMZ?

836 days ago


ashley, his bio daughter has tons of money, why doesnt she pay off this moochers loan? why borrow from stepdaughter when he has a wealthy daughter?

836 days ago

PJ in Texas    

Could you possibly find a less attractive photo ... If someone owed me that mush money I would do the very same thing. She has probably been haggling with him for months maybe even years so I support her.

836 days ago

Martina wrote this story in a sickening way...Michael raised Wynonna as HIS child. And Wynonna went through MOST of her adult life thinking Michael was not only Ashley's dad; but, Wynonna's dad TOO. So, to write the story the way you did is misleading. Show's how gay Harvey has no respect for marriage let alone the institution of fatherhood.
As for Wy, you know when you lend to family you might as well consider it a gift. To put someone out on the street who raised you as his daughter is pretty low. And it's not Michaels fault, it was your mom Naomi who deceived not only you but Michael, too. Perhaps all the child support that Michael paid on your behalf should be repaid by YOU! And maybe in the end you owe him some money. Go after the child support from your biological father. You disgust me.

836 days ago


Michael Ciminella, better pay up before the fat lady sings.

836 days ago


Ashley and Naomi are sexist man-haters, especially Ashley, both are rude and condescending, and liars.
Wynona comes off as friendly, down to earth, Daisy Duke personality, would stop and help you fix your flat tire :D
Not surprised she was the one who helped Ashley's dad while Ashley herself was making millions.

836 days ago


He should pay her back. If he can't, Ashley and her well paid hubby should take over the loan (which I wouldn't doubt is actually a donation). Ahh, family.

836 days ago


I suspect Wynnona has let it all go to her head. She craves attention and it appears she thinks she's a female Elvis. Sorry, hunny, but... NO...

836 days ago


Sounds like a real stormy romance

836 days ago


I've never liked her attitude. Even when singing with her mother you could see that she wanted to be recognized as the 'star' of the two.. the one with the real talent. Why loan your step Dad that amount of money and then wait 18yrs to collect? Sounds more like it was given during better times and now is being used as punishment.. "fine then you can pay back that money I gave you in the 90's" ... jealous red-headed step child indeed, she's always had issues with her better looking mother and sister.

836 days ago

Jay W.     

Is that Elvis Presley's sister ?

836 days ago


loan any money to any type of family.

836 days ago


What a FUN little family!

836 days ago


Of course she didn't invite them. She would have had to share the food...

836 days ago
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