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James Holmes


Non-Violent Video Game

7/20/2012 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes liked Guitar Hero
The man who slaughtered a dozen people and wounded 59 was obsessed with a video game that was anything but violent ... Guitar Hero.

We've learned ... one of James Holmes' classmates at the University of California at Riverside played Guitar Hero with the shooter all the time, and "for hours."

The male student is telling friends he is "shocked," never having had a clue that Holmes had a propensity for violence.

It's an interesting side note, because people with violent tendencies often act them out in various ways, and video games are definitely an outlet.

Another classmate of Holmes tells TMZ Holmes was never a trouble-maker.  The two of them were in virtually every class together yet he was so quiet she hardly noticed him.


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823 days ago


so that's what drove him crazy!!!!!

823 days ago


Millions of people own guns and millions of people play violent video games/watch violent movies but millions of people don't go around shooting and killing people.
I saw Spider-man a few weeks ago but I didn't get home and whip out my two guns an try to web sling off the roof of my house.
Quit trying to blame it on guns/movies there are over 300 million people in the US there, are bound to be psychos who do horrible things.

823 days ago


this is very important. The Aurora shooting reminds me of another shooting episode that happened in 1999 in Brazil, when a 24 years old, Medical student (Mateus da Costa Meira) entered a movie theater (Fight Club) in a shopping center mall and shot at everyone with a machine gun. He killed 3 persons plus injured 5, his defense alleged insanity, he was under the effect of cocaine and anti-anxiety medication and claimed that he was influenced by a scene from some videogame called 'Duke Nukem 3D'. He was sentenced to 120years in prison. Ten years later he tried to kill another inmate in jail, that homicide attempt was added to his criminal record and the guy got a new psychological re-evaluation and was transfered to a psychiatric ward for life.

823 days ago

Chaps from London    

This is what a troll look like in person and most of them are white males who have a hard time getting dates.

823 days ago


People who say that this info is irrelevant, get real, this is important, defense usually try to say 'videogames made me do it', 'movies made me do it' "heavy black death metal music made me do it" "comic books made me kill" "goths and vampires made me murder" etc as an excuse to the murder. So the fact that he liked non violent video games is relevant info, they can't blame his vile acts on some video game...

823 days ago


he did it because he was an evil *****.

822 days ago

mary martin    

i would like to spend five minuts with this animal ,

822 days ago


It does not surprise me that he played Guitar Hero hours on end. He wanted to be SOMEBODY even just in his own mind. Playing the part of the Joker and creating mayhem by killing all the people in the theater plus his elaborate booby trap (and the smirk on his mugshot face) tells me in his own warped mind he believes he finally has become "somebody".

822 days ago


I wonder if he noticed her?

822 days ago


I writing to you from Europe and I think you guys in the States should more talk about your laws concerning fire arms, than about violence in freakin' games and movies...

822 days ago


They said when they arrested him the only coment that was said was "I am the joker"......ok but why the red hair the jokers hair was green? none of what he did or what he said made any sence.

822 days ago


I am sorry to say but the US need some sort of gun laws.

822 days ago

The Truth Usually Sucks    

As a person who lives in Northeast Aurora, I want to say thank you to all the well wishers and people who have supported this community since this began.

The news of this was absolutely shocking, followed by the media flooding the neighborhood and the constant helicopters flying overhead, it has been a really tough/long weekend here.

I want everyone to know that Aurora is a wonderful place that is full of diversity and people who are honest, hardworking and are absolutely stunned that all of this went down.

Thanks for your kindness and your condolences.

822 days ago


I am beginning to think this kid had a brain tumor. You don't go from excellence academically, zero past problems, zero indication of violent tendencies to thinking he is the Joker. I know that brain tumors can change a persons personality dramatically, depending on the location of it. This persons background who did this makes no sense at all. None. He didn't even fight the cops. Something is not right with this at all.

822 days ago
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