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'Batman' Massacre

You Be the Judge

7/22/2012 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Colorado massacre and James Holmes raise fundamental questions about movie violence, guns and public safety. So we gotta ask ...


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Imagine this,: someone decides to act like a character in a movie. Joker in Batman he goes on a shooting spree kills people winds un in Prison Nut house.

another person acts like Peter pan, out in public, hurts no one, winds up in the nut house, people think he is crazy,.

827 days ago


Three things about your poll, I'm not against sensible guns for protection and hunting but I'm against the general public having assault weapons like some of those this guy used. Second, a metal detector wouldn't have stopped this guy from doing the murders if it's true he went out the back door and got the guns out of his car. Third, I think it might help if parents would spend some time with their kids and take the violent video games out of the their hands instead of using them as babysitters for hour upon hour everyday.

827 days ago


54% of people here want to ban guns?? WTF!

Let's look at the a common sense approach to gun control.

GUN CONTROL: The theory that a person who is willing to commit rapes, robberies, and murders, will abide by the one law that prohibits them from owning a gun.

Yeah, Gun Control works great.

827 days ago

Studley Buck    

This story will fade out quickly. No race card, no gay card, no link to Sarah Palin. Nothing to interest media.

827 days ago


I think warner Brothers should go out to Aurora Colorado and do a special event for the victims of that horrible incident. They should do a special red carpet event with all the actors and director to show there support to the victims and there families.

827 days ago


Well, if this guy was looking to be famous, he succeeded. I have one more event suggestion to add to his fame...a public hanging. Colorado still has the death penalty.

827 days ago


Yes, by all means. Let's disarm ourselves and let guhment defend us. Are you people complete idiots or what? You do know that a disarmed populace is the first goal of every dictator.

827 days ago


Gun control won't work guns are here to stay. Maybe if they were a little harder to get. This guy is a wack job. No rhyme or reason. Never going to know why he did what he did.

827 days ago


This horrific incident is not going to bring gun control any closer it did nothing in the Gabby Giffords shooting it did nothing in the Virgina Tech shooting it did nothing in Columbine unfortunatly as Americans we do not learn from mistakes the biggest threat to Us citizens is Us citizens and we the people either sit back and do nothin or dont want to do anything. At what point should people say the 2nd Amendment is not working for our country and it needs to be redefined. Should I have the right to have a missle defense system in my house in case of attacks because according to the 2nd amendment i have the right to bear arms. So Should I be able to have a nuclear weapon in my home in case someone attacks because according to the 2nd Amendment i have the right to bear arms. At what point is enough enough.

827 days ago


I don't think Colorado has the death penalty on the books.

827 days ago


Are you kidding me...?????? More people believe that guns should be banned than not. BUT...more people believe that movies DO cause violence! Which is it??? Did the guns walk in there and commit that horrible unspeakable violence? NO...the "mentally deranged" person did! Owning a gun is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. Being mentally unstable, uninformed, over-stimulated with drugs or NOT. There are laws to govern these things; and when they are broken, the PERSON gets the punishment, not the object.

827 days ago


Why was he allowed to prop open the theater door while he went out to his car, put on his protective garments and got his guns? The theater employees should have been monitoring entrances and exits as a regular practice. I'm sure there are cameras there, but if no one was monitoring them they did no good.

827 days ago


See, the guns that Holmes had werent legal guns, they were not guns that you and I would get for protection, and would have a legal permit for. His guns were obtained illegally. What Im saying, is Gun Control shouldnt even be a part of the equation, it shouldnt even be on the table. JH's guns were assault type rifles, and guns.

If someone in that theater had been carrying a gun for protection, then JH would have been able to be taken down. Not enough people are carrying guns for protection.

As far as metal detectors in theaters, that's just lame. This is an isolated incident, and he came in through the back entrance, so he's shown you can get in to a theater no matter what.

Thats my take on it all. Gun Control should not even be on the table !

827 days ago

Jo Ann    

Holmes didn't take the weapons into the cinema through the lobby. So a metal detector wouldn't have helped. According to news reports, Holmes bought his ticket, went into the cinema and sat in a seat. Then after a few minutes, he left through a side door, propping it open, went to his car to get the weapons, then returned through the door that he had propped open.

827 days ago


love seeing the gun ban wimps. guess what folks- places like chicago and d.c. have them in place and those are among the worst places anywhere for gun violence.
you can pass all the feel-good laws you want but guys like that evil weirdo will get them no matter what.

827 days ago
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