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James Holmes' Family


7/23/2012 12:52 PM PDT UPDATED: 7/23/2012 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

James Holmes' family stands by their son -- this according to the family's lawyer.

The lawyer spoke moments ago during a new conference in San Diego -- and when asked if James' family supports him, the lawyer replied, "Yes, they do. He's their son."

The Holmes' family lawyer addressed the media to clarify a recent ABC report, in which James' mother Arlene allegedly identified her son as the mass murderer, saying, "You have the right person."

The lawyer read a statement on Arlene's behalf -- claiming Arlene had replied "You have the right person" in reference to herself ... when the reporter asked if she was Arlene Holmes, mother of James Holmes.

Arlene's statement continues, "At this time, we will not be discussing James and his relationship to the family."

As for the original report -- ABC News says it stands by its story.


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His family didn't murder these people, their son did. Don't prosecute this family for loving their son, that doesn't change even if he takes a life. He is still there son. The family is just as much as a victim in this as those who's lives were lost and their families. They had no control over this. NONE. He is an adult, and HE made these decisions not HIS Family.

785 days ago


stop giving this guy free Publisty ..he is a loser will ways be a loser. Stop writing about him refer to my a MR. X or something. stopping making him a star.

785 days ago


Is there NEVER a point where you just say you don't support your child? This seems like that point.

785 days ago


If his family supported him, they would have been there for him today. These parents must be full of grief to know a child born of them turned into such an evil person. They did not make this statement, that lawyer did.
When your child, wife or husband is murdered, you have the sympathy of the world, food brought in to you, people crying with you and being there for you. When you have an evil child who does things like this, you get hate mail, no sympathy, blame and death threats. Reporters hounding you and screwballs driving past your home at all houses of the night. They deserve understanding and sympathy too. They did not do this. He did.

785 days ago


James Holmes was brainwashed by the government to carry out this act. Even though he is guilty of murder in this case, he did not act alone but with the government behind him.

784 days ago


why do they even waste their time giving psychos like this a trial? they have proof he did it, he booby trapped his apartment, had 30 grenades, tons of ammunition and killed 12 people as well as wounding 58....i think its time our government stopped letting people plead for insanity and suffer the concequences for once. James Holmes is no better of a person than Hitler was. Death penalty is def needed in this situation, crazy or not, he should not be allowed to live on this planet.

784 days ago


So now she is "dancing" around the statement she made because of future lawsuits!!
Question: I wonder how much money they were giving Little Bozo a month? The parents had to have some indication that Bozo was acting strange at some point in time..shes's a nurse....thats why she made that statement. Plus Fact.. Bozo had visited Gun Shops shopping around in San Diego when he was back home. He had to have bought Gun Magazines etc, search for online information, websites, to know as much as he did about weapons.I wonder if he used his parents computers while back home? I also wonder if any of the Gun Shops he bought guns from called his parents "for reference" ?

784 days ago


I hate all the websites out there that are so bias towards Holmes. Judging people just the way they look and saying crap like Holmes is a red headed demon. This guy is clearly psychotic and needs help. I feel really sorry for all the families of the victims, and I feel equally sorry Holmes family. The media is making such a big deal about this. They keep emphasizing the fact that a six year old was shot and its so sad and calling James a beast and demon JESUS CHRIST i understand but please look at both sides.

784 days ago


I love TMZ and am an avid reading. I read this for entertainment, not as a source of legitimate news. However since this came up within the news feed I felt compelled to comment. In my opinion especially under the heading of "Celebrity Justice" TMZ they are legitimizing this psycho path almost as a celebrity. I have not read much about the victims here. I have however read many times on this site about James Holmes. I feel TMZ has an ethical responsibility, celebrity news aside, to do what they can to not give this person his 15 minutes of fame.

784 days ago


Sorry but I don't care I would never stand by any kind of family member if they did this. NO freaking way.

784 days ago


Yeah, because you can believe ABC. Aren't they the same network that stated it was Tea Party related? Hmm....can't trust the liberal media on anything!

784 days ago


Serious, Ass Monkeys" You are going to support your mass murderer son?

783 days ago


Fake News!
Fake News!
guy never even existed.

769 days ago
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