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Marlon Jackson

Breaks Down in Interview


7/24/2012 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072412_jacksons_insider_launchMarlon Jackson just broke down in tears during an interview ... and walked off the set -- after explaining how his mother has been forcibly cut off from the rest of her family.

Marlon -- along with brothers Tito and Jackie -- were sitting for an interview with "The Insider" when Marlon choked up.

Marlon explained, "We've been told that our mother is safe. She's doing well. But we have not spoken to her. We have not talked to her and I don't know where my mother is."

At that point, Marlon grew incensed, saying, "All i know is she is in Arizona, and whatever doctor is saying I can't talk to my mother you call ME!" Marlon then stormed off.

Randy Jackson -- one of the siblings who helped whisk away Katherine to Arizona -- has said Katherine was under doctor's orders to escape the constant frenzy of the Jackson home, and relax.

Clearly, Marlon didn't get the memo.


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Why in the HELL have the cops not checked this out? It's an open missing persons case with several family members claiming she is being kept from contacting anyone, including the minor children she is legally responsible for... shouldn't all this need to be verified via the cops? My gosh usually the are all over the family when someone goes missing and they say 'oh they are just out of town.. no no sorry they can't be reached' ... WTF?

828 days ago


Wish they would take off those sun glasses and let everyone see the real tears, & blood shot eyes from drinkin and druggin.

828 days ago


what the **** is wrong in this family and they all need to go to dr.phil then maybe they all can be better jk lol

828 days ago


These three men might actually care about their mother.

It's the other two brothers (Jermaine and Randy) who have the huge child support arrearages that the estate (THE KIDS' MONEY) have been paying. You know, the two who fell out of the old pimp Joe's Cadillac?

I expected this day to come, maybe not so soon. Greed wins out. Too bad these leeches aren't going to get away with it.

Michael had his kids. However he had them, he had them. And they are his legal heirs. The rest of you lose.

I'll keep saying it: Call CPS. Get the "Jackson Family" away from those children. And find out whether or not Miss Katherine is actually ailing.

If she's removed as guardian (and I think she has to be after this), then there's no reason she should suffer undue stress. The estate should put her up in her own apartment and take over the big house that the extended family has been treating as its own fallback flophouse.

828 days ago


What's up with the sunglasses?

828 days ago


poor guy crying in his ferrari hat, hope he dosen't sweat in it, that would be something to cry about.

828 days ago


Hmm, why are they all wearing sunglasses? My guess.... they don't want anyone to see through their lies. I hope Michaels children remove the negative people from their lives because they're just wanting MJ's $$$. I'm disappointed in Janet, I thought she was better then that.

828 days ago



828 days ago

Tigers Wood    

PEOPLE STOP THESE INSULTS NOW ON THE JACKSONS. The MJ's siblings need his money to help pay for their offspring from all their baby mama's. OMG the babies!!!!

Together Joseph and Katherine had ten children. Son Brandon died at birth. The other nine grew up to become professional musicians. These are the brothers and sisters to Michael Jackson:

* Maureen Reillette "Rebbie" Jackson (born May 29, 1950)
* Sigmund Esco "Jackie" Jackson (born May 4, 1951)
* Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson (born October 15, 1953)
* Jermaine La Jaune Jackson (born December 11, 1954)
* La Toya Yvonne Jackson (born May 29, 1956)
* Marlon David Jackson (born March 12, 1957)
* Brandon Jackson (born March 12, 1957 - died at birth)
* Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)
* Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson (born October 29, 1961)
* Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966)

Joseph has an illegitimate daughter with a woman named Cheryl Terrell
* Joh'Vonnie Jackson (born August 30, 1974)

***Third generation: And these are their kids:

* Rebbie Jackson and Nathaniel Brown have three children:

1. Stacee Brown (b. 1971)
2. Yashi Brown (b. 1977)
3. Austin "Auggie" Brown (b. 1985)

* Jackie Jackson and Enid Spann had two children

1. Sigmund Esco "Siggy" Jackson, Jr. (b. 1977)
2. Brandi Jackson (b. 1982)

* Tito Jackson and Delores "Dee Dee" Martez had three children

1. Tariano Adaryll Jackson, Jr. (b. 1973)
2. Taryll "Taryll" Adren Jackson (b. 1975)
3. Tito Joe "TJ" Jackson (b. 1978)

* Jermaine Jackson and Hazel Gordy had three children:

1. Jermaine Lu Juane Jackson, Jr. (b. 1977)
2. Autumn Joy Jackson (b. 1978)
3. Jaimy Jackson (b. 1987)

* Jermaine Jackson and Margaret Maldonado never legally married but had two children:

1. Jeremy Jackson (b. 1986)
2. Jourdynn Jackson (b. 1989)

* Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Oaziaza had two children:

1. Jaffar Jackson (b. 1996)
2. Jermajesty Jackson (b. 2000)

* Jermaine Jackson and Halima Rashid (4th wife) have no children

* LaToya Jackson and Jack Gordon had no children.

* Marlon Jackson and Carol Parker have three children:

1. Valencia Jackson (b. 1977)
2. Brittany Jackson (b. 1978)
3. Marlon David Jackson, Jr. (b. 1985)

* Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley had no children.

* Michael Jackson and Deborah Jeanne Rowe had two children:

1. Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson (b. 1997)
2. Paris Michael Katherine Jackson (b. 1998)

* Michael Jackson and an unidentified woman (reportedly a surrogate) had one child:

1. Prince Michael Jackson II (aka "Blanket") (b. 2002)

* Randy Jackson and Eliza Shaffel had one child:

1. Steveanna Jackson (b. 1990)

* Randy Jackson and Alejandra Oaziaza had three children:

1. Genevieve Jackson (b. 1989)
2. Donte Jackson (b. 1991)
3. Steven Randall Jackson, Jr. (b. 1991)

* Janet Jackson and James DeBarge had no children.

* Janet Jackson and Rene Elizondo, Jr. had no children.

* Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri have no children.

828 days ago


This is making alot of people understand Michael keeping his children away from his family! I hope the children are taken away from them and kept away from all of them until they are adults and can choose for themselves who they want in their lives. This money grubbing by MJ's siblings is sickening! I pray those children stay strong!

828 days ago


He wants to find his mother... Why then go to a TV studio, instead of going to Rebbie, when they say she's there...?

828 days ago


So if you are part of a wealthy family kidnapping is not a crime??
Just how much leeway do celebrities get? Jesus this world is a mess.....

828 days ago


The minute they told Marlon that Katherine could still mail them checks or wire them money, he quickly pulled it together, dried his eyes and rejoined the interview happy.

828 days ago


Oh the lengths people go to when money is involved. The Jackson's should be ashamed of themselves acting like they are. MJ would be so hurt.

828 days ago


Mrs. Jackson doesn't hold the key to the money, the Executors of the Estate do. She gets an allowance due to the money MJ left her and also money to care for the kids. I believe she has already asked for one raise saying she couldn't live off 23,000 a month or something. The Estate can cut her off from some of that if they want. These guys only make themselves look like fools.

828 days ago
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