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Nicki Minaj

Super-Sized Butt ...

Whooping for Touchy Fan

7/26/2012 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj's famous booty looked so amazing in concert, one dumb fan stormed the stage -- then got his kicked ... by multiple people ... on camera. Ahh, natural selection.

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Better be careful Randy Blythe is jail for doing exactly what her body guards did.

762 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Her booty doesn't look amazing, it looks gross as hell. I like a woman with some curves but not one who goes out and buys butt implants like Nicki and Kim Kardashian.

762 days ago


I can't believe how eager those bodyguards were to beat that guy up! Lots of weirdos get on stage with celebs but I didn't realize they were subjected to a beat down, isn't this what Rodney King became famous for? That one bodyguard in the light colored clothing rushes up where 4 dudes already have him covered, and the guy was not fighting them, and just gives him a big KICK! WTH, that dreadlock dude should sue!!!

762 days ago


F Nicki Minaj if i was dude and he got worked bad enough i would sue..He didn't even touch her ass i have no idea WTF TMZ talking about with this one...He grabbed her back.Boo who..And that ASS did not look all..never does..

762 days ago


This whole thing is shocking.............she has fans????????????

Noooooooooooooo talent.

No wonder people wished Elvis, Buddy Holly, Morrison and Hendrix never died.

762 days ago


He didn't deserve to get beat down by all those guys.

762 days ago

who cares    

I see a law suit and arrest coming soon, you can't restrain someone and kick their ass for just getting on stage.. You can restrain a person and have then arrested for tresspassing but not beat them. This is what happens when you hire thugs for security and not professionals. Where were the police they are usually at every concert in most cities... Maybe they never heard of this chick and didn't expect such a big crowd all wanting to see her a$$

762 days ago


She is all around gross-Inside & out !~

761 days ago


Dear Super Size Fan. Please press charges against these hood rats that attacked you. How disgusting are they and the has been cow on stage standing there allowing it to happen.

31 Comments!! I love I said HAS BEEN and it's all because you are a hood rat too.

761 days ago


Everyone knows her ass is fake tho and her music is crap

761 days ago


he didnt grab her butt its just so big that its in the way...maybe she just got it filled with fix a know the lady is in miami too one wants to grab her fat ass...its not cute

761 days ago


The most disgusting thing is she stood there and watched. I hope to God this poor guy sues. AND TIMZ shame on you for thinking this is a laughing matter. This was a beating Rodney King style. Sue her too! I am sickened over this and you all should be too.

761 days ago


1. That has more cellulite than a forgotten child star reunion party. 2. Nobody even cares who she is anymore. 3. She looks like a bug-eyed crack addict

761 days ago


This infuriates me!!!! People have been jumping on stage for years. I hope that guys sues the hell out of her team. It looks like a mob scene from a movie - like a guy that got caught cheating in a casino. Tackling him, and kicking him out is good enough. I hope the guy is okay.

761 days ago


yuk i bet she smells like B.O... ekk

761 days ago
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