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Olympic Equestrian

Cruel and Unusual

… for the Fans

8/7/2012 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Do you suffer from insomnia? Have a hard time falling asleep? Enjoy watching humans get rewarded for accomplishments of hard working animals? The you're going to love Olympic equestrian ... the most boring "sport" ever created by man.

Seriously. We'd rather watch paint dry, and then try to remove it, then watch that "Bachelorette" guy huff said paint remover (allegedly).

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clueless *****!

808 days ago


Really TMZ, you need to hire someone with higher IQ's than a five year old to work on this site. If the writer is so bored they should go through your files looking at all the ass pictures or maybe of the celebrities picking up dog poop, that always perks up their interest.

808 days ago


Only an IDIOT who knows nothing about Equestrian would say such ignorant things. Equestrian is the oldest and first Olympic sport ever and horse and rider are a team of highly trained professionals and it is the only sport that both men and women compete equally

808 days ago


You only made this comment to stir the emotions for a story. These are the best cared for animals in the world and riding is a sport. Try it before your disrespect it. The way our society is depleting many animal species these people are preserving the horse. ever hear of the Mustangs? Good because without horse lovers and sport they would be gone too. Extinction would come for the horse very fast if there was no horse sports.

808 days ago


Equestrian is the oldest olympic sport- It is also the only sport that men and women can compete equally. It is an Art and talent to ride and horse and rider are one- I was a TMZ Fan and will be no longer your ignorance and stupidity amaze me. It takes years and years of training just to jump, or do level one dressage- Olympics were created because of Equestrian-YOU ARE IDIOTS

808 days ago


The boys and girls at TMZ probably have never even been on a horse, so their ignorance of horse riding is why they see it as boring. Too busy with their faces buried in their phones and up celebrities butts to notice anything nice about a wonderful animal like a horse or horse riding. Heck, I'll bet dollars to pennies that 95% of them at TMZ have never even sat down and read a book. Shame that this is what the younger generation is like these days. Uncaring, and ignorant of the special things that life has to offer. I hate to see what the next generation brings to the table.

808 days ago

Emily I    

As a showjumper myself, I am disgusted with this pointless story. Was it a slow news day in Hollywood?? We work very hard and so do our horses. Save your criticism for the celebs! thanks

808 days ago


Are you kidding me? You try to get a horse to jump over an obstacle that is taller than they are and see what kind of athletic ability it takes.

808 days ago


TMZ - you should only write about things you actually have knowledge about. Equestrian is a beautiful and difficult sport that takes YEARS for HORSE and rider to master. It isn't BORING!! And there are many of us that are very upset that NBC has hardly shown ANY equestrian on TV,

808 days ago


Wow TMZ. If ignorance was an Olympic sport then you would win gold.

808 days ago


Yeah, it's so easy controlling a 1,200 lb. animal at top speed over jumps up to 5 feet high! (oh & BTW, you have a grammar error in your post!)

808 days ago


TMZ an OBVIOUS slam against Ann Romney's chosen sport. A bunch of clueless libs. I'd like to see any of you try it sometime before you open your liberal yaps. As a horse owner and rider for 45 yrs., I can see you have no knowledge of the time and talent this level of riding takes. Show some respect.

808 days ago


please fire who ever wrote this. Do you really think Tennis is much better. I am an avid horse rider who is also a daily reader of TMZ and am shocked at what a rude and pointless post this was. The Equestrian events are AWESOME especially on the Olympics. It takes a lot more skill than eating a Big Mac while blogging on your imac at TMZ. TMZ you had better recover, because you really put a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths.

808 days ago


Get your ass up on a 1000 lb animal and teach it to do that. Do you realize how many years of training both rider and thier mount require? To get horse to move like that with such suble cues to the horse is absolutely breathtaking. To you it may be boring but please don't belittle the sport or the riders until you truly understand what is really going on.

808 days ago


This is just rude! Have some respect for the riders & horses! It takes a lot of time, training & passion to do sports with horses! Your not just relying on disappointed on you guys for putting this up! I dare you to come & run barrels on my horses I would love to see that:) you couldn't even groom & feed those horses at the Olympics without getting tired I bet.

808 days ago
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