Kasey Kahl RELEASED from Jail I Never Huffed Paint!!!

8/3/2012 2:13 PM PDT

Kasey Kahl RELEASED from Jail -- I Never Huffed Paint!!!


"Bachelorette" star Kasey Kahl has just been released from jail -- telling TMZ, he was NOT under the influence of paint thinners during a bar fight back in January ... and he never laid his hand on a woman.

TMZ broke the story ... 29-year-old Kahl was jailed this morning in Orange County, CA after prosecutors filed several felony charges against the reality star. It all stems from a nightclub brawl that took place on January 15th, in which Kahl allegedly beat up a man and his GF while drunk and high on drugs.

But on his way out of the slammer moments ago, Kahl denied all the allegations -- telling TMZ, he's never huffed paint in his life ... "I've never even smoked marijuana."

Kahl says cops never took a blood test or alcohol test or anything to prove he was under the influence -- so the allegations are BS.

As for allegations he beat up two people that night ... Kahl insists he was punched first and only got physical to defend himself.

Kahl says he's due back in court next month.