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Joan Rivers

I'm The White Rosa Parks

8/8/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Joan Rivers is the "white Rosa Parks" ... so says Joan Rivers. She calls in to talk about her insane, hilarious, and GENIUS protest against Costco for banning her book -- and how she turned the company's censorship into a lucrative publicity stunt.

And, Kanye West calls Kim Kardashian the "perfect bitch" -- causing the newsroom to bitch about whether it's ever okay to calls a woman the b-word. (Get ready to hear the word bitch a lot.)

Plus, Randy Travis' gnarly, naked DWI arrest.

(0:00) Randy Travis was arrested for DWI in fine fashion ... naked. We have all the latest details on his insane arrest -- in which he allegedly threatened to shoot cops -- as well as his busted mug shot.
(6:30) The director who cheated on his wife with Kristen Stewart was spotted out ... with his wife. The question ... were they seeking counseling in Beverly Hills?
(10:00) Kanye West calls Kim Kardashian the "perfect bitch" -- sparking the biggest argument of the day ... is it ever okay to call a woman a bitch?
(16:00) Aly Raisman does what the Olympic committee wouldn't do -- honor the slain Israeli Olympian from 1972.
(19:00) Fair warning -- Joan Rivers is on the phone! She calls about her Costco standoff ... and says she's now the white Rosa Parks. Joan's interview is hilarious, as usual.
(25:20) Kathie Lee Gifford catches hell for saying she's a good parent because he kids aren't drug addicts or in jail. Are people being too critical?
(33:00) HIllary Clinton gets cooler by the minute -- now she's bumping and grinding during as awesome dance session in South Africa.
(35:30) Octomom says Child Services encouraged her to do porn to pay her bills. The newsroom gets heated arguing both sides of this one.
(40:00) Jennifer Lopez sues her former driver for extortion.
(42:00) Madonna's concert in Russia may be a hazard to you health ... but no one knows exactly why it's being targeted.
(43:00) We take your calls!

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Your reporter raquel said her momma installed it in her to be a good person i think she meant instilled. This chick here is always talking about someone in a negative way tell her to go get some english classes and throw that tired ass louis vuitton on her desk away. Im sure she saved up for it but really she's not a real louis type of girl she's a saver who then has to go and buy it stop trying to be something you aren't sweetie and get a better hairstylist

785 days ago


You LOVE Hillary Clinton? I rarely hear such an utterly clueless statement.

785 days ago


Kathy Lee really has skill for saying dumb things...remember how she carried on about Martin Shorts wife in present tense when she actually passed away year or so before?

785 days ago


To the staff member who said this:
..."it's never OK to call a woman a bitch, it's a derogatory term against women"...
I agree name-calling is not productive and doesn't contribute to anything positive between two people, although I'm not above name-calling on occasion
But that's true towards both genders, without giving either gender any special pedestal position.
1) Bitch is a term used to describe an unreasonable selfish person (usually a woman), is it wrong to call a woman that when she's being selfish?
2) The term "a-shole" is used to describe an unreasonable selfish person (usually a man), is it wrong to call a man that when he's being selfish?
3) When a woman calls a man an a-shole, do you tell her..."It's never OK to call a man an a-shole, it's a derogatory term towards men"...?
4) If it's supposedly "sexist" for a man to call a woman a bitch, is it sexist for a woman to call a man an as-hole?, or jerk?, or prick?
5) Or...are the feminist-leaders such as Gloria Steinem just a bunch of narcissistic selfish childish spoiled rotten babies who think a woman should say whatever she wants...but demand that men do *not* say whatever they want and throwing a fit at men when they do?

785 days ago

Flying Blind    

come on Mike, chip into the octomom fund.

785 days ago


If octo opens her own strip club, she could hire other attention seekers and /has beens. A cool novelty club.

785 days ago


I Love Joan go girl.

785 days ago


Joan proved MJ didn't die because of plastic We owe her that!!!!!

785 days ago


You only wish!!!!

785 days ago


Will someone please euthanize Joan?

785 days ago


Joan Rivers, How dare you equate yourself with Rosa Parks! Not even in jest, does that fly!

784 days ago


So Harvey... where is the story today of Johnny Depp playing with Aerosmith last night at the Hollywood Bowl??? Seriously you can't even get a good story in there once in a blue moon? Which happens to be a blue moon this month!! C'mon Harvey, Johnny at least has talent, not just as a great actor but also as a very good musician.... And he is single these days!! Surely there are some TMZ viewers that would have loved to hear Depp playing and being wild on stage!!! LOL

784 days ago


Joan Rivers book stayed at number one for a long time Why would Costco want to give her a hard time about her book. She's a important person, it's not like she's the manager of Wendy's coming over to ask for a favor. I saw JR on the View, Costco could get blackballed or whatever the name of it is when people don't visit your establishment anymore.. I don't go to Costco anyway, I like Sam,s

784 days ago


about the LoLo jones and her teammates, it's the light skin of LoLo that the darker skin teammates have a problem with. believe it. It happens if black families all the time. Go LoLo

784 days ago
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