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Evelyn Smacks Chad


8/14/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Evelyn Lozada filed for divorce from Chad Johnson today -- a mere 41 days after their marriage ... and 3 days after his arrest for domestic battery. Chad's finally apologizing, but will it be enough? We have details from Evelyn's camp.

Plus, V.P. candidate Paul Ryan is about to put our theory to the test -- that looks matter way more than actual issues. And wait till you see how the theory stacks up in every Presidential election since JFK.

Also, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton calls in ... fresh off his brutal pickup game with some WNBA players -- busted nose and all!

(0:00) Chad Johnson just had another thing cancelled ... his marriage to Evelyn Lozado.
(6:00) Robert Pattinson schools Kristen Stewart on how to deal with a cheating scandal ... by keeping his mouth shut ... something she obviously didn't do.
(10:00) Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu rips "Stars Earn Stripes" for being pro-war ... and Harvey thinks Tutu's stance is beyond ridiculous.
(15:30) Kristin Chenoweth is STILL banged up from her on-set injury ... despite everyone around her saying she's fine. Is she gearing up for a lawsuit.
(19:10) The Mayor of Phoenix calls in -- to explain how one WNBA player destroyed his nose in a pickup game. And... he says he can take Obama in game of one-on-one!
(24:00) How big of a part do looks play in elections? Harvey thinks Paul Ryan's good look will help Romney out. We also take a look at every presidential election since JFK, to see if the better looking candidate won.
(33:30) Charlie Sheen is back on Twitter after supposedly giving it up forever. Why? Money.
(36:31) The Jackson family ... paying off Janet?
(39:10) Former "Baywatch" star Donna D'Errico got injured ... looking for Noah's Arc.
(42:00) We take your calls!

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nanananana batman

778 days ago


Evelyn shows the typical personality of women who get hit by men.
Women who abuse men and get hit back, then play the victim.
Women's shelters are *full* of abusive women who beat on their husbands and finally got hit back.
Don't believe it? Go volunteer in a woman's shelter for 6 months.
You'll see women arguing and physically fighting with each other all over the shelter. Heated screaming arguments and rough physical fights between women in women's shelters is very, very common.
Because most of them are abusers.

778 days ago


I'm always so stunned to see these fairy tale unions end.


778 days ago


Okay, I AM here because of looks, should I leave now, Charles? Dang, he just blew me off without even knowing it LOL.

778 days ago


when she was on basketball wifes im sure she thought they would have lots of money ,now he is unemployed and a wife beater girl get out of that relationship while you still can

778 days ago


Figures Ryan would vote based on looks and not research issues important to our country. STFU and get a haircut Ryan, you look like a greaseball.

778 days ago

Joey Dernman    

Wow that dude got totally smacked indeed. Wow.

778 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Has fat Mike been on yet? I rely on a daily dose of him. It keeps me faithful to my diet and exercise program.

778 days ago


WHOA, that skype scared the heck outta me, how about a warning next time?

778 days ago


SERIOUSLY??? Barry was elected by the T&A love group on You Tube his looks and the Obama girl. So play fair already.

778 days ago


Thank goodness no more about politics and looks...blah

778 days ago


I truly love her to death."
good reason to divorce him, he could mean it.

778 days ago


Oh for the love of God shut up MIke!

778 days ago


Is Kathryn getting a tad greedy lately? How much does she need to live month to month, wow.

778 days ago


That explanation was so LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. Are you kidding me, so Janet spends very limited time at the Condo so the Estate should pay the mortgage just in case Katherine, "JOE OR THE OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS" are staying there. In other words, the ESTATE will now be paying the mortgage so that the boys can move themselves and their family members in there, live free of charge while MJ's Estate pays all the bills.
In other words, it's gone from Ravenhurst bull**** to Las Vegas bull****.
Here's a novel concept, how about Janet sells the condo and the rest of the family get rooms while there?

778 days ago
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