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Prince Harry

Throbbing Questions Linger

8/25/2012 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824_prince_harry_naked_pollYou might have heard we posted a few pics of Prince Harry the other day which kinda made the rounds.  So we gotta ask ...


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Is it just me, or am I the only one who couldn't give a crap that this kid is running around naked? Who cares!

792 days ago

who dat    

The only question that "lingers" for me, is how long is TMZ going to milk the same photo? You guys musta paid through the a$$ for this photo/ story.

792 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

Down with gingers! Those critters deserve to be bred out of existence. If I was there I would have gladly kicked him just like the queen oughta.

792 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

Down with Gingers!

btw he's not Charles' son either.

792 days ago


If I were gay TMZ, I'd try to avoid being so obvious and a laughingstock with stupid headlines that must seem so so clever with double entendre when written, but to the reader look juvenile, vain, and foolish,

792 days ago


TMZ, you don't understand UK culture at all. The Royal family has ALWAYS--for hundreds of years--included dirty old men (and dirty young ones). People are proud of it.

The only surprising thing about Harry's behaviour is how tame it is... No relatives, animals, men involved, etc.

The Queen is probably annoyed that he was photographed.

792 days ago


It is AGAINST the law for anyone to publish pictures in the UK, of a person in a private space without said persons written consent. Not so in the USA, where pictures are published under the so called protection of the first amendment,

792 days ago

two cents    

Big deal! A young, healthy male had fun with girls in Vegas. It's hilarious and with all the tragedy in his young life, so what if he lets loose once in a while. Who would have ever thought that Harry would have turned out to be the handsome one when we saw them so small walking behind their mother's casket.

792 days ago


TMZ idiots being obsessed with Harry. PFFT!...Haven't you guys jerked off enough or are your peepees to small to stand?POS

792 days ago


Omg, please make it go away! TMZ enough already!!!!

792 days ago


This story is old. Next.

792 days ago


You really think something stupid like this would get his Royal title stripped from him? Clearly you have no understanding of Royalty at all. You can actually find full frontal pictures of Prince Andrew online and he is the one who dated a soft porn star and then married the biggest royal disgrace of all time Sarah. If he is still an HRH, Harry could do pretty much what he wanted with no problems. The royal family aren't upset with Harry they are upset at his security for letting the girls into his suite and being stupid and not taking away their phones. It also shows it is way too easy to get close to Harry who is third in line to the throne. In a few years he will be married to some girl and we will all be remembering that rascal Harry as usual.

791 days ago


I am appalled you chose to display those photos. But I find you go for the jugular when it comes to the people you stalk. I am sorry but JUST because someone is a public figure does not entitle ANYONE the right to post everything in their lives. I find no issue if there is a law broken, criminal activity. Harry lost his mother due to "the paparazzi ". I am tired of your kind as well as the "news" especially of late, stop dwelling on something trivial & report the real news & get over it.

791 days ago

furious cupcakes    

"throbbing". oh dear lord.

791 days ago


Hey Harvey,think you need to only have one designated gay on staff..otherwise well clearly this story and photos will just .well you get it...enough already..

791 days ago
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