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Time For A New Bodyguard

9/4/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Seal needs to make up his mind -- first he tells our cameraman Heidi Klum started banging their bodyguard BEFORE they separated, but now he swears he misspoke. At the very least, it's time to get some new protection.

Plus, Kanye West breaks the fourth wall, asking his fans if it's okay to refer to women as "bitches" in his rap songs. DJ Quik weighs in -- telling us, the b-word is fine with him ... even when referring to his own sisters.

And, Prince Harry isn't the only royal flashing the jolly hockey stick.

(0:00) Seal tells our cameraman that Heidi Klum cheated on him with their bodyguard ... then quickly retracts the statement. So ... did she cheat, or not? .
(5:25) Prince Harry's 91-year-old grandfather Prince Phillip flashes the family jewels while donning a kilt.
(10:00) Nicki Minaj raps that she's a Republican and will vote for Mitt Romney -- because President Obama is f-ing up the economy. Mike thinks it's just another one of her stunts ... but Harvey thinks she's got a good point.
(15:40) "American Idol," "X Factor," "The Voice" -- they're all starting to look the same ... and Harvey's getting bored.
(18:00) Michael Clarke Duncan tragically passes away -- we have all the details surrounding his death ... as well as an awesome clip from the time he and Omarosa were guests on TMZ Live.
(25:00) Kanye West asks his fans if he should stop calling women bitches -- Harvey thinks asking for creative input from fans is a stupid move for an artist to make.
(27:10) DJ Quik joins the show -- he's not only fine with calling women bitches (when they deserve it) ... he says he calls his sisters bitches.
(32:00) We may know why African American whom Paul Ryan dated in college didn't want any press ... she's served prison time for wire fraud.
(35:00) President Obama says he's a fan of Clint Eastwood -- despite the actor's shots at him during the RNC.
(37:00) Did Kelly Rutherford's ex set up an airport photo shoot to make him look like a good dad? Sure looks like it.
(40:00) Michael Phelps wins big in Las Vegas.
(42:00) We take your calls!

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And, here's our proof. Harvey has penis envy because a 91 year old man is getting more press about his "FAMILY JEWELS" then Harvey ever would.

695 days ago


When is Max going to go through with the sex change? Also, take the TMZ poll:

When was the last time Max read a book?
A. 6 months ago
B. 5 years ago
C. Never

695 days ago


Time for Seal to just stop talking. His marriage is over. Who she is with is none of his business. And does he really need a bodyguard? As for Michael Duncan, rest in peace, Michael. You were awesome.

695 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Oh and Seal??? Men walking around with yellow nail polish may want to shut their mouths about "class."

695 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Ciao, people. Can not take Harvey and Lard Mike at once. Both are annoying.

695 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Does mike do his hair that way so he looks like he's going fast?

695 days ago


Phillip was born into the Greek royal family. His mother harbored Jews during world war 2 and kept them safe. The picture is awful and I'm not a Royalist. Its someones Granddad I mean come on really do we need to see it and humiliate everybody just for a quick buck. U don't wear underwear under kilts either fyi

695 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Also please do a 'Memba Them?' for the kidnapped kid in 'Close Encounters of the First Kind.' Thanks.

695 days ago


Raquel, real classy using the word "retarded" and Harvey, real professional for not calling her out for saying that. Damn TMZ is going downhill more each day.

695 days ago


No picture. I guess Mike accidentally rolled the wheels of his chair onto the camera's extension chord again.

695 days ago


Oh and Phillips mother was the great grandaughter of Queen Victoria I believe, I know she was born at Windsor Castle.. so there is a little inbreeding there..

695 days ago


Oh and phillips grandmother was the grandaughter of queen victoria I believe, I know she was born at Windsor Castle.. so there is a little inbreeding there..

695 days ago


You guys totally missed what Niki Minaj was talking about in the song. The Mitt Romney lyric is just a puchline/analogy, etc that rappers use. Listen to the song again. It's obvious she's not making a political statement.

695 days ago


If you look closely, there's a couple of curly fries stuck in Mike's goatee

695 days ago


Clint Eastwood is calling in to TMZ....once he finds his phone .

695 days ago
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