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Country Star Jason Aldean

Hot and Heavy w/ 'A.I.'

Chick ... Who's NOT His Wife

10/1/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_jason_aldean_kissing_launchCountry music superstar Jason Aldean got up close and personal with a former "A.I" contestant ... right in the open at a very public bar on the Sunset Strip. There's just one problem ... he's married to another woman. 

TMZ obtained photos of Jason and Season 11 "A.I" contender Brittany Kerr taken on the crowded bar patio area at The Den on Wednesday night -- frequented by locals and tourists always on the hunt for celebrities.

In the photos Aldean and Kerr get very flirty ... hugging, touching each other and at one point it appears Aldean goes in for a kiss.

Aldean --- who performed this weekend in So Cal -- eventually left the bar in a cab without Brittany.

Here's the rub, Aldean is married to his high school sweetheart, Jessica Ussery, who he tied the knot with back in 2001 and they have 2 kids together. 

We reached out to Aldean for comment several times but have not heard back. No comment from Kerr either.

Jason Aldean

'American Idol' Chick

Was A Drunken Mistake

0930_jason_aldean_npg_articleCountry music superstar Jason Aldean says his very open public display of affection with a former "American Idol" contestant -- who is NOT his wife -- was a huge, drunken mistake.

Jason released a statement today, apologizing for his indiscretion, after TMZ posted pictures early this morning of the country singer and "A.I." castoff Brittany Kerr getting up close and personal -- hugging, touching, and flirting at a very popular, crowded bar on the Sunset Strip (above).

Jason -- who has been married since 2001 -- says, "The truth is that I screwed up. I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar."

He says, "I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself." And then adds, "I left alone and that's the end of the story."



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bob gomez    

there is plenty wrong with this story but the fact that he says he left alone only means Brittney followed him in her own car. Everybody and there brotrher knows he is married I am sure brittney knew as well.She is just as much to blame going after someone husband.

716 days ago


Theres something bout a kiss thats gunna lead to more. Dont lose your wife over a bar whore. Dang thats the way that song should have went.

716 days ago


It looks to me like the really know each other and in some pics, she is upset. It looks to me like this is more than a one time thing and they may be breaking up, not just meeting. Looks at the facial expressions and how comfortable they are. No way is this the first time they have been together. He left alone because he broke up with her.

716 days ago


And this is news, why?

716 days ago

Paul W    

As if almost every other married entertainer hasn't done the same at some point in their life.

716 days ago


Brittany should feel like crap the same as Jason. She knew he was married. I have been at the receiving in of the husband cheating. I forgave the 1st time the second time stupid me good bye husband!

716 days ago


So who really gives a crap!!!

716 days ago


why do women want to have affairs with married men. why do they temp them and seduce them. aren't there enough single men out there.
some of those countries in the mid east have the right idea when it comes to punishing women that have sex with married men

716 days ago


Men should come with a disclaimer that says we are not responsible for what the little head tells us to do. The Power of the Penis compells us! Learn to live with it Ladies!

716 days ago


Yes I agree its horrible that he cheated....its worse when you are in the spotlight!!!! I dont get people who needs to cheat in the first place period.....Guess the wedding vows are cherished anymore.....I feel so horrible for his wife (I been down that road)....I really had alot of respect for him and his music now i am thinking twice....I lost respect for Blake Sheldon and Vince Gill along with Garth Brooks.....I am very old fashion when it comes to wedding vows why cant others

716 days ago


Wow to think with all the tragedy in the world of today you all have enough time to break up an 11 yr marriage just because you can't mind your business. Wonder if i followed around the photgraper of these pics what I would find...LOSERS

715 days ago


I don't care if he left alone, He probably got shot down by her. As far as I'm concerned He is a cheet. Being inapropriate is the same as cheeting and alcohol is no excuse. Love, Honor, Cherish. Tell me that he has not done this before and took it farther. This time he got busted, but rest assured he has been straying for years. You people that defend him on this must be frickin stupid. I still like the music though.

715 days ago


If you look close. the very fuzzy picture of them kissing...Yes the shirt looks like his but the hair of the guy looks longer and differernt style...Don't think it is him at that moment...could be but looks wierd

715 days ago

Kathleen Smith    

I do not know what kind of agreement or relationship the married couple has, were they separated or do they have an open marriage? Kind of like on the TV show Scandal where the wife knows about and accepts the outside relationships of her husband who is in politics. Everyone may not approve of or understand others choices, but if he was within the boundaries of their agreement, then it is their business and not cheating. If this is the case, because he is famous and there are children involved, he should be discreet. A picture or series of pictures does not always represent the truth of a situation without knowing all of the details, just sayin'....people can misinterpret or outright lie about what is actually going on in a photo. They can be staged or photo shopped. Who knows what he told the woman in the picture or perhaps she was paid to "set him up"......we don't know. I am not condoning either of the peoples behavior in the pictures, just that media representations are not always truthful.

715 days ago


Big deal - he left alone. They couldn't possibly have had plans to meet up elsewhere for a roll in the hay, now could it?

715 days ago
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