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Big Bird to Mitt Romney

Thanks for the Shoutout!

(Even Though You Want Me Dead)

10/4/2012 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Big Bird
and the rest of the fine people at Sesame Street don't give two craps about Mitt Romney's politics -- but they're PUMPED he gave BB a shoutout during last night's Presidential debate ... despite the whole "Death to PBS" thing.

Sesame Street released a statement this morning following Romney's Big Bird reference, saying, "Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational organization. We do not comment on campaigns, but we're happy we can all agree that everyone likes Big Bird."

In case you missed the debate last night, Romney mentioned Big Bird in reference to cutting PBS funding in order to save government money.

Romney said, "I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS ... I like PBS. I love Big Bird. But I'm not going to keep spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for it."

A rep for Sesame Street -- which has been a partner of PBS for 43 years -- says the show relies on PBS to distribute its commercial-free programming to children. In other words, no PBS ... no Sesame Street.

The CEO of PBS Paula Kerger told CNN this morning, "With the enormous problems facing the country, the fact that we are the focus is unbelievable to me. We are America’s biggest classroom, we touch children across the country in every home."

Long story short, Romney wants to kill Big Bird.


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Are you kidding me all you people who are voting for Mitt Romney better be rich, because according to him middle class is 200,000 to 250,000.... no its not. Lets not forget about the %47 of america he wont care about. This guy is a joke everyone that is voting for him is either a big tycoon, Millionaire, or republican who believes anything he/she hears. The GOP is so conservative that the majority of america wont vote for them, their only tactic now is to lie to someone to get into office. so sad

727 days ago


campaigning for Obama again TMZ. Killing Big Bird is allyou got from the debates really Obama was ill prepared arrogant and annoyed HE did not have the press there to protect him and spin the story for him He was left standing all alone and his half truths and bully tactics did not cut it Mr President when you realized Americans are not mushrooms we do not like to be kept in the dark and fed bull

727 days ago

Jen Carres    

Big bird for President and the Pet TickleMe Plant for VP.

727 days ago


It wasn't about Big Bird, it was about continuing to borrow from China...they almost own us. It's time for us to take our country back!

727 days ago


Unfortunately the liberal Democrat socialists will re-elect the POTUS because he's a Democrat Socialist.
Jesus Christ couldn't win this election.

727 days ago


This is what it will look like if Romney gets his way...Death To Big Bird!

727 days ago


Big Bird and Barney combined bring in well over $1 Billion, yearly. Mitt Romney didn't say he thinks we should pluck big bird for this year's Thanksgiving dinner. I think he was alluding to the fact that, along with the late Steve Jobs, Big Bird would do just fine without a subsidy.

726 days ago

Jo Hanna    

How stupid can the public be. Obama jumped on this to blow smoke.

726 days ago

Shady's slave    

leave it to the bogus media to skip right over a very very important issue with Romey calling out P.B.S. This is where you get your non partison news. It is the only place to here the truth about global issues the economy and yes cultural arts. To declare war on public broadcasting is a warriors call against free speech in this nation. But now it's just some "kill big bird" joke. Wake up sleepwalkers.

726 days ago


Here's Big Bird's *real* reaction, on Funny or Die...

726 days ago


Yea Obama got his ass handed to him that debate. Hard to defend his sorry excuses for leadership skills that he has displayed. Hard to defend himself against all the facts that Mitt laid out. Not once did he deny anything that Mitt said. 90 billion to campaign contributors, cut 700+million to medicare for his ObamaFailcare. Obama blows and its time for him to leave the white house. We need someone new in there. I don't care if they stick big bird in. anyone is better than Obama.

725 days ago


Big Bird will be okay & he would lose $ anyway in the future the way things are going. Pull the band-aide off fast & it won't hurt as much.

725 days ago


I like big bird too but come on PBS does not survive because of Fed dollars. It is people and corporations that support PBS.
However if people to big Big Bird over say free cell phones go for it.

724 days ago
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