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Aurora Massacre Victims

Splitting $5 Million

in Donations

10/15/2012 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The families of the 12 people killed in the Aurora shooting massacre -- along with several people who suffered permanent injuries in the attack -- will split the majority of the $5 million in donations raised to assist the victims of the attack. 

A mediator tasked with dividing the funds has announced the above-mentioned people will split 70% of the funds -- roughly $200k each.

The mediator says the rest of the cash will go to people who suffered physical injuries -- the more severe the injury, the more money they will receive.

Aside from the 12 people killed, 58 people were wounded in the July 20 shooting in Aurora, CO.

The mediator says ... due to limited funds, none of the money will go toward people who did not require overnight hospitalization ... and the cash will NOT be used to aid theater-goers who were physically unharmed, but claim they suffer from mental trauma.

As for the shooter James Holmes, he's still in custody facing murder charges.


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a face only a mother can love...

685 days ago


Wow! A Lot of money-grubbers have their hands out. We should be more worried about the real victim, James Holmes. I can only hope and pray he is being treated properly in prison and getting all the help and comfort that he needs. God bless him!

685 days ago


My opinion - the families who lost a loved one that DON"T NEED the money should not get it, it should go to the people who cannot work or have physical ailments that will require help for the rest of their lives, families should get money for funeral expenses but after that why should they get $200,000 if they don't even need it???

685 days ago


sounds fair,wow did I just say that

685 days ago


In my opinion, injury runs a lot deeper than a big gaping wound. I understand that some suffer more than others, but the donations were intended to help ALL victims. Whether you suffered physical injury or personal injury, not resulting in hospital stay, but still require ongoing treatment, you are deserving of said donation. To exclude anyone suffering from serious mental trauma is wrong. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be the final decision maker! No matter how you slice it, you can not please everyone.

685 days ago


He looks so crazy and stupid.

685 days ago


So what happens to the other 30%? Does the arbitrator get the other $1.5 million? (Not saying they should get nothing, but maybe 5-10%)

685 days ago


Hopefully the victims are okay with this. But if any of the victims are angry about how the money is being handed out, they kinda asked for it unfortionatly. I don't know if this made national news but they held press confrences bashing the governor and other people because they didn't feel like they were getting the money fast enough. They didn't want to give them time to figure out the best way to hand it out. So the fund hired the same guy that handed out the money for 9/11 and virginia tech to get the money to them ASAP. So this is what they pushed for. Hopefully the state will offer those suffering mentally the therapy they need to get better if they can't afford it themselves.

685 days ago


Yeah, skimp on the damages to the victims. Heartless.

685 days ago


Why oh freakin' why are they showing this chilling photo of the killer instead of the victims?

685 days ago


I'm just glad he's not black. Otherwise TMZ readers would blame the entire race + many more pages of dumb racist comments SMH

685 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

Lesson: Exaggerate any and all injuries. It pays more.

685 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

How about contributing a fund to light up ole Sparky?We... I mean, most of us all know they're going to end up going for an Insanity plea.

685 days ago


they should invent an online game that lets people throw darts at him in his cell in real life. $100 for every throw. All proceeds go to the victums

685 days ago


These people don't need money. They didn't have to go to the movies that night. They could have avoided those bullets.

685 days ago
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