Obama vs. Romney Debate The Bin Laden Body Count

10/22/2012 2:11 PM PDT

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney Presidential Debate -- The Bin Laden Body Count

Tonight's Presidential debate is about foreign policy ... which begs the obvious question -- How many times will Barack Obama say the words "Bin Laden"? 

The debate is raging here at the TMZ office ... Harvey's going with "3 times," Charles, Chad and McDaniel say 2, Beckerman says 1 ... Evan's going with 7.

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Mitt Romney. The question: How many times will Mitt utter the words, "Failed policies"? 

Harv says 5, Charles 4, McD 6, Beckerman 3 and Evan's going with 2.

There can can only be one winner -- or 2 ... because some people picked the same numbers and screwed everything up.

What do you think?