TMZ Live Romney, Trump & Obama October Surprises Revealed

10/24/2012 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Romney, Trump & Obama -- October Surprises Revealed

We broke the story ... Mitt Romney's testimony in his friend's high profile, high dollar divorce is now under the microscope -- but should it be? We'll explain why Mitt's being accused of lying under oath.

Plus, Donald Trump calls in to talk about his October surprise for President Obama -- $5 million to unseal his college records. Trump tells us why he thinks he's actually doing POTUS a favor.

Also, Tom Cruise drops a $50 million lawsuit on the magazine that accused him of abandoning Suri. Tom's longtime attorney Bert Fields joins us ... and tells us why he's dying to get this case in front of a jury!

(0:00) - Less than two weeks before the election, Mitt Romney's campaign takes another blast from his past.
(9:16) - Christina Applegate and her fiance take action after being targeted by an angry tweeter.
(13:38) - Jessica Simpson's parents file for divorce after more than 30 years together.
(17:13) - Donald Trump puts his big money where his big mouth is-- will President Obama take him up on it?
(24:39) - Tom Cruise fires a $50 million lawsuit at a magazine publisher accusing him of being a deadbeat dad.
(29:07) - Bobby Brown gets popped for his second DUI of the year.
(31:15) - Karrueche Tran isn't over her ex Chris Brown, and has no plan to let Rihanna get in the way. Good luck!
(33:47) - 21-year-old 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham has us wondering: how young is too young for plastic surgery?
(38:49) - We take your calls!