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Mitt Romney

Transcripts RELEASED

10/25/2012 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained the complete transcripts of Mitt Romney's testimony -- which he's accused of lying under oath to screw over his friend's ex-wife.

The testimony was given in 1991 at Norfolk Probate and Family Court in Massachusetts.

During his examination, Romney was asked how he first became acquainted with Staples and Tom Stemberg. Romney explained ... a venture capital businessman from another firm "mentioned to me a gentleman named Tom Stemberg had a business plan to commence an office supply chain and was looking for capital to fund that."

Romney continued, "I told him I didn't think it was a very good idea, but I'd look at it."

2:45 PM PT -- If you enjoy learning how business people valuate stocks, you're gonna LOOOOVE these documents.

If not, you should probably click on our story about Lindsay Lohan's publicist quitting ... it's wayyy more interesting.


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Are you kidding TMZ?!?!? You and Trump really jumped the shark. Gloria is just a has been....fame w****

726 days ago

Fannie Butler    

It doesn't matter about the release of Romney's Transcripts. The people who believe in truth will vote their conscience for the President of the United States the impeccable record of the in***bent.

726 days ago


TMZ wants to talk about everything EXCEPT Obama's terrible record in office!
This election isn't about personalities. It's about JOB PERFORMANCE!

726 days ago


now lets make sure this mitt character doesn't step foot in the white house.. now lets go vote!!!

726 days ago


4 dead American's in Libya. Obama is not telling the truth about that and oh it is about the video! Well, that guy is in JAIL! For what???? My husband was in the military for 30 years and more secrets are let go now like SEAL TEAM 6 - let me see - they didn't kill Osama -Obama did. Why don't you ask for the truth of Libya not Staples. By the way did you know the ex-wife is writing a book and has already talked about everything anyway.

726 days ago


TMZ -- who cares!

Gloria Allred will do anything to keep her name in the news.

726 days ago


Obama has been endorsed by Warren Buffett, Colin Powell, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

Romney has been endorsed by Lindsay Lohan.

Says it all.

726 days ago

Jim in Cali    

LOL, some October surprise Gloria

726 days ago


Harvey / Gloria …. REALLY? You both felt this more important than what? Ummm I don’t know Harvey, aren’t you Jewish, does Obama’s snubbing the motherland peak your interest, in the least?
Gloria, as a woman, MANY years ago I admired you. These days I mostly find you to be the stereotypical lawyer that cares more about MONEY and FAME than the clients you represent! You should be ashamed of yourself as both a lawyer and women!
What don’t either of you investigate even one of the MANY lies and or some of the sealed information on that piece of crap Obama!
I guess it is true what they say, birds of a feather do flock together!

726 days ago


Interesting piece at the Washington Examiner. Apparently, Romney did NOT testify in the actual divorce in 1987-1988. Rather, he was called to testify in (one of) Ms. Stemberg's efforts to re-litigate the settlement in October 1991, AFTER Staples went public in 1989. Romney was asked about whether he had bought all the shares of Staples that he/Bain was entitled to buy prior to the public offering in 1989. Romney testified that he did NOT "max out" on buying Staples stock because, although it could do well, there was a "realistic probability"/"risk" that they would either not profit or they would lose their money.

726 days ago

Mandy G.    

Maybe I don't have all my synapses firing in my brain today, but I don't see this as earthshaking. It sounds to me like, when the business was first proposed, Romney didn't think it was a good idea. With all the mudslinging from both sides, I'll just be glad when the election is over with. I'm sick of all of it.

726 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

Pore ole Brak, getting hard up ain't cha?

726 days ago


Just so you know, no one is as obsessed w/ this (non)story as TMZ is.

726 days ago


You're the looser. LMAO. Typical Obama supporter. All loosers. lol

726 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Here's the problem, the ex-wife sold her stock. nobody forced her to sell it at that time. She didn't want to take any risk and decided to cash out before the IPO. That's her problem. I guarantee if the IPO failed and Staples turned into nothing we wouldn't even hear about this broad. She's bitter that her husband and Mitt took the risk that Staples would be successful in the future although it wasn't a sure thing in 1987.

726 days ago
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