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Mitt Romney

Transcripts RELEASED

10/25/2012 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained the complete transcripts of Mitt Romney's testimony -- which he's accused of lying under oath to screw over his friend's ex-wife.

The testimony was given in 1991 at Norfolk Probate and Family Court in Massachusetts.

During his examination, Romney was asked how he first became acquainted with Staples and Tom Stemberg. Romney explained ... a venture capital businessman from another firm "mentioned to me a gentleman named Tom Stemberg had a business plan to commence an office supply chain and was looking for capital to fund that."

Romney continued, "I told him I didn't think it was a very good idea, but I'd look at it."

2:45 PM PT -- If you enjoy learning how business people valuate stocks, you're gonna LOOOOVE these documents.

If not, you should probably click on our story about Lindsay Lohan's publicist quitting ... it's wayyy more interesting.


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uncle tom    

the loser in chief obama makes me sick to think he sat and watched our guys being killed and didnt even send backup to save them. IMPEACH HIM NOW!

694 days ago


Sick of u dumb ass liberals. Go back to work...stop looking for a free handout...get an education....then maybe we will care what u have to say. I would be ashamed of myself if I depended on Obama to take care of me.

694 days ago

el polacko    

so are you tmz guys going to finally admit that this was nothing but a desperate attempt to smear a decent man who is soon to be the president ?

694 days ago

el polacko    

hey... where's the story about obama on leno last night revealing that 7th grade math is too hard for him ? ...and he's had the nerve to tell us that "romney's numbers don't add up" ?? how would he know?

694 days ago

el polacko    

may you tmz guys need to just stick to reporting on black rappers that nobody has ever heard of....politics is not your forte'.

694 days ago


Romney will whip this thing into shape, the man has skills. if elected, Obama will finsih what he started.. RUINING THE USA, single handidly.

694 days ago

senior citizen    



694 days ago

Connor James    

Why nothing on the N***AS gonna kill romney and riot? Frickin putz's
There is NO dirt on this guy.

694 days ago


Rich people's problems. She made a ton of money off her divorce. The fact that Allred is involved makes this nothing more than a smear campaign in my eyes. Glad I already voted- people like Trump and Allred take us all for idiots, but we laugh at them hahahahhaa

694 days ago


I voted today- with Ambassador Stevens and the other three American's in mind. Playing stupid games with some rich woman's divorce that happened over 20 years ago will not distract me from the real issues. This is just dumb.

694 days ago


bros before hos

694 days ago


Who is Barry Soetro? That's the real question no one will DARE look into...

694 days ago


how quickly people forget. Obama has interest in Chinese businesses through his pension. Obama's stimulus sent money and jobs overseas. Obama's spending doubled our deficit. Obamacare has caused many's insurance premiums and deductibles to skyrocket as a preemptive strike, many plans have been dropped as have the people who were on those plans, companies are dropping coverage since the penalties are cheaper than the approved plans, leaving people without coverage, oh and lets get to national security. While our ambassador and 3 other innocent Americans were murdered in a 9/11 attack... instead of staying in the White House and getting this figured out... he went on Letterman and to Vegas for a fundraiser while his talking heads told the American people it was unequivocally a spontaneous riot due to a video for 14 days, which we now know was not only not true, but was also something they knew wasn't true within hours. Yet for 14 days they blamed a disgusting and insulting video. And Obama was status quo. Partying with Jay Z was more important than getting answers for the mourning families. So yeah... keep saying how Obama is so much better for America than Romney.

694 days ago


1 of 430 pages?!!! Man....I would not want to wade through all that mess.

694 days ago


firts obama college record and now mitt lied at the divorce hearing. when will this mess stop, we are supose to be mature adults and this is childish. may the better man wins, and let's stop all this bull crap

694 days ago
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