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John Salley

Let's Make a Deal ...

for Puerto Rico

11/8/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Four-time NBA champ John Salley knows a lot about trades -- so now that Puerto Rico might join the union ... is a state trade in order? Not that anyone asked, but we've got some options.

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I want to hear the comments on this story.

692 days ago


Allowing Puerto Rico To Be The #51 State Of USA is something that will Help The Economy Of USA, Why ?, Because right now Puerto Rico gets $100'S Of Millions Of Dollars From USA But They Do NOT Pay Federal Taxes like other USA States do, i Was Born in Spain But My Father Was Born in Puerto Rico and this is the Best News Ever NOT only For Puerto Rico But also for the USA Economy, The same thing happened to Hawaii many Years ago and Barry H. Obama is very happy about it....

692 days ago


After 114 Years of Being a Part of USA, Puerto Rico deserves to have all the rights and Pay all The Federal Taxes like any other USA State does, i'm very happy that finally Puerto Rico is taking responsibility and for the first time is doing the best for their Island, After all Puerto Ricans right now are Born USA Citizens But they are NOT allowed to Vote for any USA President at all while being in Puerto Rico........Go Puerto Rico!

692 days ago


IGNORANTS! We do not need the United States, on the contrary US need us because all ur big corporations are in our lands taking with our money and breaking our businesses. From 1998 to 2008, the United States has won between $287.7 billion in foreign direct investment and $148.4 billion in repatriated profits from PR. Puerto Rico is one of the most consumerist countries in the world, we are a gold mine for United States. I am from Puerto Rico and I want Independence, my freedom. I don't want gringos taking our money and preventing us to grow. LEARN and READ first before talking about us.

691 days ago


No Country Should Have Colonies Anymore, You Should Be a State or Totally Free But i Recommend USA StateHood For Puerto Rico...

691 days ago


USA Presidential Candidate: John McCain Was Born in PANAMA and i Don't See Trump Asking Him For His Birth Certificate.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panama_Canal_Zone

691 days ago

luz soto    

I guess TMZ doesn't like Puerto rican cause we're too poor " WE'RE ANOTHER PROBLEM"

691 days ago

luz soto    

I guess TMZ doesn't like Puerto Rican cause we're tooo poor !

691 days ago


Wow if PR becomes a state does that mean all US Commonwealths will become state later? What is the outcome? More unemployment, more welfare, more problems

691 days ago


**** you tmz

691 days ago


I will admit I WAS a fan of the show until I heard some of the most disgusting comments coming from Harvey Levin- a GAY JEW! I think sometimes people need to do what's called research and not GOOGLE or WIKIPEDIA before they run off at the mouth on something they clearly know nothing about. Classless and in very poor taste! Stick to what you know which is who's doing who...not politics and government. Your show is not of that caliber- MORONS!

691 days ago

Jack Silverman    

All I can say is "Wow," Harvey, you have lost your mind, Puerto Rico is NOT a separate country, is part of the United States. Your comment was racist, oh come on, you hold other people to a higher standard, yet you think that you can make racist, uninformed comments about a United States territory without knowing what you are talking about. Did you eat too Much Republican bull. Educate your self before you speak. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame.

691 days ago


Harvey and his non-skilled wanna be news cast needs to stick to stalking their celebrities and leave their comments about politics in Puerto Rico alone. You sound real stupid and ignorant with what you just said during your interview with ball player john salley regarding Puerto Rico becoming a state. Get your facts straight before making non-nonsensical and untruth comments regarding their finance status. The US has made billions off Puerto Rico and if anything the US is a detriment to Puerto Rico and the cause of a lot of their sickness over there. Speak on only what you know you napoleon complex looking gay troll of a damn jew!!! Oh and that predator looking fool of a partner of yours as well. You would think he would know better that dancing monkey.

691 days ago

G. Texidor    

To the guy who asked JS the most obtuse question ever heard, your question about Puerto Rico was ignorant and insensitive!

And to Harvey... You should know better! Making idiotic, factless statements is precisely why people of your ilk, get so little respect!

Mr. "I'm a lawyer", that was just stupid.

691 days ago

Amelia Soler    

Ignorance. I personally prefer independence for Puerto Rico. But I want to clear out, the US wins millions of dollars by blocking other countries from making business with us, they take our soldiers and kill them at war, they kill our people just because they think different than them ( Filiberto Ojeda, Albizu Campos) and without evidence they call them 'terrorist' just because they want independence for the island as they once did with the British i 1776. It's hypocritical.

With all respect, we can do better without them. I want people that love our island, not that make fun of it, out of ignorance and disrespect of other cultures.

691 days ago
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