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Lindsay Lohan

Judd For Yourself

11/21/2012 12:20 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1116_lindsay_judd_spl_fameHere's gorgeous "Liz & Dick" star Lindsay Lohan in NYC the other day -- and country diva Wynonna Judd back in 2009.

One has a really famous half-sister.

We're just sayin'.


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Hot Farts    

washington post

The Lifetime Original Movie “Liz & Dick” should not be called “Liz & Dick.” It should be renamed “Lindsay Lohan and an Actor Whom You May or May Not Remember as Cooter From ‘True Blood.’ ”

At no point in this unenergetic revisiting of the legendarily volatile romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton does it actually feel like you’re watching Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Instead, we get Grant Bowler (who really was Cooter on HBO’s “True Blood”) brooding and boozing as Burton and Lohan whipping through Cleopatra costumes, awards-show evening gowns, mod headbands and, most comically, ’80s era-bouffant wigs like she’s the sole contestant in a Liz Taylor lookalike contest. It’s unconvincing and lifeless but, sadly, not quite laughable enough to rise to the level of enjoyably campy little lark.



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None of this is good news for Lohan. For those who haven’t been keeping track of the non-stop TMZ breaking news-a-thon that is the former child star’s life — and truly, it is a full-time job — this pseudo-biopic was supposed to mark her official reinvention. After many months of probation hearings (she finally finished serving probation in March in a DUI case that dated to 2007); run-ins with police; self-defensive tweets; and various other attempts to reinvent her image, “Liz & Dick” was supposed to be the project that finally pushed Lohan into a much-needed new chapter in her career. Breaking non-TMZ news: It isn’t. If she wanted a comeback, she should have stuck to the genre in which she has demonstrated the most skill: comedy, of the intentional kind.

667 days ago


help this young woman
"Since the charges have been dropped, Lindsay was free to schedule with Jay, Jimmy, The Talk, and Dave!

I guess HELLp LIED AGAIN, 'NO DAVE,NO TALK', good try though Smitty .. . ..GINGERSNAP THIS

667 days ago


Hey Red've been wrong for 2 years in a row. Now that you have to permanently disappear (and re-appear as someone else)...are you going to go for a trifecta and state how many times Lindsay will be on the big screen in 2013? (no fair counting SM5)

After Sunday's fiasco, I'm sure you're nervous about her ever being seen (on the big screen) again!

667 days ago

Suzy Q     

The new PR company is starting their spin. the latest reviews are glossing over Lindsay's bad acting and blaming the lack of excess in the movie. That's right, kids. Reviewers paid off by PR are stating the movie fails because the actors/script didn't accurately show that ET and RB were drunken, classless lunatics....that it was too tame.......and that's why Lindsay sucks.

Welcome to the spin room. Less than 48 hours to the ruin of Lindsay Lohan.

667 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

So what kind of fans does Lohan draw these days? Let's see:

Her peak in popularity was 2004, over 8 years ago. Most of her fans at the time were teenagers, and she did well playing a teenie-bopper in a teenie-bopper movie. Since then, her fan base has grown up and moved on. What has Lohan been doing? The exact same things she did 8 years ago, still keeping the juvenile mentality of never accepting responsibility.

Teenagers these days don't give a rat's ass about Lohan. They have other, younger, more talented actors to admire, and a ton of Disney teenagers to drool over. When you're 15, someone 26 (and looking 40ish) is REALLY old and ancient.

So what's left? Middle-aged men who still drool over the image they keep of Lohan from 2004. They will ignore any distractions regarding Lohan in order to keep that image alive. As sad as that is, that's not the worst part for Lohan.

The worst part for Lohan is that those mentioned above, her biggest supporters, won't pay to go see a Lohan movie these days, because she doesn't even resemble the person she was 8 years ago. Acting abilities aside, a celebrity's star power rests entirely with their ability to draw paying customers.

With today's teenagers jumping all over Disney actors, and her own age group having moved on to more adult things in life, is it any wonder why her fans can be counted on one hand?

And that's without factoring in all the crap she's pulled, and the people she's pissed off.

667 days ago


a few more from the critic who live-blogged as he watched the movie:
“@GuyEndoreKaiser: Dick just told Liz that he bought her a diamond so big it could plug a toilet. Her response to this is that she disrobes and they make love.”

“@GuyEndoreKaiser: Just realized that they are drinking in every scene.  Literally every scene.  She was drinking in the tub and he barged in holding a drink.”

“@GuyEndoreKaiser: We're into the last (I hope) scene.  Lindsay is going for it.  Crying, blubbering, wailing... she is using her full range of emotions.”

“@GuyEndoreKaiser: A convincing Lindsay death scene would have at least provided some enjoyment, but no, she coughs and hacks all the way through it.”

.......and finally:

“@GuyEndoreKaiser: Credits are rolling, interspersed with some facts about amfAR donations. Liz truly was an amazing lady. Sad they pissed all over her legacy.”

667 days ago


I will be watching good TV on sunday..FOOTBALL...or HBO.. not this crapola..what will you be watching?

667 days ago


and as far as Lielo doing "the worlds most dumbass people TV" todd bridges and up to work and are that wont happen

667 days ago


this is just too funny for words
JackEvans ‏@Jack4Evanss
@grantbowler Since the age of 10 Lindsay Lohan has made 19 movies & never once has she dissed a cast member, you could learn a lot from her

667 days ago


the blame game..and yes they still talk
Michael Lohan ‏@MichaelJLohan
@lindsayLohan stay away from @CourtenaySemel !!! Remember what she did to you and # Casey Johnson #RIP ..CASEY

667 days ago


Lindsay Lohan ‏@lindsaylohan
"Big girls need big diamonds." - Liz Taylor. She was so wise and oh so lovely. #LizandDick @lifetimetv 11/25 @ 9pm. #LiveChat
did she forget she bashed Liz by saying "atleast I didnt show up drunk on the ste" or something like that..
this CNT has Zero Tact...wonder where she will G the diamonds from?

667 days ago


My husband would strangle me if I tried to watch this horrible movie on a Sunday evening! I have no desire to watch it anyway.

Liz and Dick is already on torrent sites though, someone has uploaded the screener.

667 days ago


Uh oh.

"Radar Online, you're dead to me!!!!!"

667 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

They just said on E! News that Lying Lindsay cause Lifetime over 1.2 Million dolllars on her antics only. Thats alot of pay offs

667 days ago


I went from curious to NO!!!
and I hope the old ladies that watch lifetime feel the same

667 days ago
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