TMZ Live Angus Jones I Choose God Over 'Men'

11/26/2012 11:15 AM PST

TMZ Live: Angus T. Jones -- I Choose God Over 'Men'

TMZ Live

Angus T. Jones is bashing "Two and a Half Men" in a testimonial for his church -- and even though the 19-year-old is raking in $350,000 per episode ... it sounds like he's about to walk! WHY?? We have details on his new spiritual advisor.

Plus, Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez beat the crap out of her ex Gabriel Aubry -- and even though Gabriel got arrested ... is Halle really the one who's pushing buttons?

Also, Lindsay Lohan's movie "Liz & Dick" got ripped to shreds -- but is Lindsay's acting getting a bad rap because she's Lindsay? That's actually makes sense ... to some deluded people in our newsroom.
(0:00) Angus T. Jones urges people NOT to watch "Two and a Half Men" after becoming a devout Christian ... and calls his $350k-an-episode job "filth." We have the shocking video that could get him sacked faster than Charlie Sheen.
(10:00) Lindsay Lohan's movie "Liz & Dick" premieres to a barrage of horrible reviews ... but some people in the newsroom think the harsh criticism in unfair.
(16:30) Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez beats the crap out of Gabriel Aubry -- and we have all the latest details ... because we broke all of the stories.
(20:00) Mike thinks Halle is the catalyst behind the whole ass-kicking situation.
(25:00) The question of the day -- Lil Wayne, Diddy, and Kanye West all party together ... so who's the top dog? Harvey's all over the Hip-Hop beat today.
(29:10) Ariel Winter's sister ... is totally loaded. We'll tell you how she quietly accrued millions ... thanks to Pepsi.
(32:00) A former chef of a very swanky L.A. restaurant files an incredible lawsuit -- alleging some disgusting things regularly occurred in the kitchen.
(35:31) We know how Jessica Simpson already dropped a ton of weight.
(38:10) Chris Brown and Rihanna ... totally doing it and don't care if everyone knows.
(49:40) The floor is yours!