TMZ Live Gabriel Aubry's Face Tells a Different Story

11/27/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Gabriel Aubry's Face Tells a Different Story

TMZ Live

Gabriel Aubry's battered face ... and his legal documents ... tell a totally different story about what went down with Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez. So, who's telling the truth -- Halle or Gabriel? The votes are in!

Plus, Angus T. Jones is getting spiritual advice from a preacher with EXTREME theories on Jay-Z, President Obama ... and the world, in general. Hmm ... good idea for Angus to walk away from "Two and a Half Men" for that?

Also, porn stars Dana DeArmond and Bailey Blue stop by to crush a few huge myths about women in their line of work -- and ex "Young and the Restless" star Kevin Schmidt brings his adorable micro-pig in to do some tricks (like biting Harvey).
(0:00) Gabriel Aubry's face was DESTROYED by Olivier Martinez -- and we have the pictures that show the damage ... as well as Gabriel's take on what really went down the day of the brawl.
(6:00) Angus T. Jones' spiritual mentor is a fat sack of crazy -- you gotta hear him compare President Obama to Hitler, insist Jay-Z worships the devil, and swear that NYC residents will one day cannibalize their own babies.
(10:00) One of the dumbest lawsuits ever was filed against Justin Bieber -- a lady is suing him because she says one of his concerts was too loud.
(15:00) There's something different about Kris Humphries' girlfriend Myla Sinanaj, but we just can't seem to ... oh right it's her huge breast implants.
(18:00) A TMZ Live first -- time to have an actual micro-pig in the office! Yuma belongs to former soap star Kevin Schmidt ... who explains to us how he plans on making a fortune of the little fella. Yuma also becomes the second tiny animal to bite Harvey on camera. 'Memba Uggie?
(24:10) Another TMZ Live first -- we get double-teamed by two hot porn stars -- Dana DeArmond and Bailey Blue! They join us to bust myths about adult entertainers ... such as they're all sexually abused growing up.
(30:00) Kelsey Grammer is having super rich people problems ... he's got one too many mansions and his ex-wife Camille Grammer is fighting him to see who gets what.
(33:31) Time to bust one of the dumbest stories ever -- that TMZ applied to buy a drone to spy on Hollywood. Not happening, people. Never will.
(35:40) Travis Barker says **** the police to one of our camera guys ... not the smartest idea in the world.
(38:40) The floor is yours!