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Lindsay Lohan

Battling the Bottle Again

11/30/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Lindsay Lohan is hitting the bottle hard -- up to TWO liters of vodka a day ... according to sources close to the actress. So, is a return trip to rehab around the corner -- and will that keep LiLo out of jail ... again??

Plus, country music superstar Trace Adkins is taking a ton of heat for wearing a confederate flag in his ear ... while performing in NYC. Offensive or no biggie? We've got opinions from North and South ... right here in the newsroom.

Also ... Chris Brown skated on that cell phone snatch & toss case -- and he should probably be kissing ex-gf Karreuche Tran's ass for it!

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan has been guzzling two liters of vodka a day -- and needs to get help if she's going to turn her life around. Ryan explains why she's falling so far off the wagon.
(10:00) Kelsey Grammer goes out to one of the nicest restaurants in L.A. -- to show everyone he own a baby carrier.
(14:00) Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry have settle their beef -- at least on paper.
(18:00) Crazy Tony from "Honey Boo Boo" was arrested for allegedly dressing up ln a gorilla suit and screwing around in traffic. Just another day in smalltown, Georgia.
(24:00) Chris Brown can breathe a sigh of relief -- he's off the hook for allegedly snatching a woman's cell phone in Florida.
(29:10) Country star Trace Adkins wearing a Confederate flag earpiece during a Christmas special ... and says it wasn't a racist statement ... just a man proud of his heritage. Is it time for the flag to go away for good?
(34:00) "Big Bang Theory" star Mayim Bialik files for divorce -- could the reason be that she and her husband haven't been having sex because she believes in having her kids sleep in the room with her?
(37:45) Hope Solo swears her new hubby never got violent with her.
(38:40) The floor is yours!

No Avatar

Fuck Celebrities    

Hitting the bottle again????

The little bitch never stopped.

660 days ago

Flying Blind    

i went had fixed some chili, ummm was it good. any breaking news, like Mike slid out of his chair.

660 days ago

Flying Blind    

It's more exciting on Parking Wars at the moment. Guy gets his car towed, his girlfriend called her sugar daddy to come down and pay the tickets and bail his car out. sugar daddy is on sidewalk giving her the money while the boyfriend is waiting inside to get the money and yes they all know what's happening.

660 days ago


lets stop with this lohn bull****. Everything on your web page is about her.No one cares about her anymore. Please move on.

660 days ago


Gee Harvey cant believe I missed the beginning of thisbecause I would have loved to hear your thoughts about Lindsay.#1-With all of these charges-why is she still free to walk around,why isnt she locked up or at least facing the judge yet?#2-Does TMZ plan on trying to talk to whatever judge she will be facing??What I find outrageous is that she is flagrantly disregarding the law,every week it's something elseher probation is violated so again why hasnt her butt been hauled in front of a judge???

660 days ago


Too close for comfort!

660 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

'After a certain amount of time breastfeeding, kid should go straight to buttersticks.'

- fat mike

660 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

yeah, i love sexist with my fat...

660 days ago


How many thousands of man-hours have been wasted world wide to report something about the life of this skank? One could write a whole magazine every month about her ****ty life... i guess that is one of the reasons why this bitch is still not jailed, a lot of people are making money with her...

660 days ago


Oh please give me a break. I hope the tapes proves that girl is lying, She cant make any money reading palms. Maybe Lindsay should press charges on her. I would like to know what did Gavin do for a living before TMZ starting to pay him for gossip on Lindsay??? Thats why she threw him out of the car she knows he has been going to gossip sites and making up lies.

660 days ago


Not a Lindsey fan but can you blame her for drinking?! I know she has issues, we all do but you think she's the only 1 in Hollywood that's getting fudged up?! She just has been getting caught. If I was her, I'd probably drink too! She obviously has 0 friends. You never see her out with anybody. Just some no name using her. Look at nasty Kim

660 days ago


Wow, TMZ sticks with Chris brown. The end of the world is approching guys.

659 days ago

sheryl brill    

I think many people who portray the Confederate flag, just hope the south will rise, in a good way as many are the poorest states in the US

659 days ago


The Confederate flag started flying over southern capitals except In Miss who had already flown it, as a direct protest to civil rights. So first its the symbol of southern states to rebel-commit treason--against the United States because they refused to give up slavery, then they refused to grant the descendents of those slaves basic HUMAN rights. This flag an insult? God yes!!! If this singer was German with a swatzstkia in his ear, the world would rise in protest as well we should. Before any protest that slavery was nothing compared to the atrocities of WWII, history Estimates tht two hundred MILLION Africans died in the Middle Passage on their way to becomes slaves. Think of tht. Generations of Africans were wiped off the face of the Earth. How many more and their babes died while slaves and then in the years after wherein they were denied basic rights and mamed, and killed for even speaking up for those rights. The conderate flag is no different than the hideous nazi symbol. Does he hv a right to wear it? Of course in our country he does. But all thinking people have a right to protest loudly, boycott his concerts, and not buy his music. Surely He can honor his southern ancestors in another way. Im proud to be a southernor but Im not buying any excuse to flout a blatant symbol of racism then deny that is what it is under the guise of family pride.

659 days ago


Good Lord, leave Trace Adkins alone about the Confederate Flag! During the controversial time in US history, many men chose to fight, not because of their opinions involving race, but for their State. Everything can offend some one, I'm offended by ignorance, but I don't go around telling people to stop choosing stupidity.
Hate him if you want, but by going off on him over the Confederate flag, you are offending PLENTY of people.

657 days ago
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