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Katt Williams Goes SUH-LAPP!!

Before His Arrest

12/3/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Comedian Katt Williams is on a tear with police! Arrested after a bar fight, and slapping the holy hell out of a Target employee ... it's the latest in a string of bizarre incidents! Is Katt losing his mind -- or just falsely accused ... multiple times?

Plus, 86-year-old Hugh Hefner and 26-year-old Crystal Harris engaged ... again ... after she dumped him the first time. Is Hef stupid -- or king pimp for taking back the ex-Playmate?

Also, Lenny Kravitz is playing Marvin Gaye in a new movie ... but the Motown legend's son, Marvin Gaye III, joined us to rip the project -- and to explain why he's trying to shut it down!

(0:00) Katt Williams is giving Lindsay Lohan a run for her money in the arrest department -- we the crazy details on his latest arrest ... plus video of him slapping the crap out of a Target employee.
(5:45) Kate Middleton is pregnant! Which is great news ... unless you're Prince Harry. Because her fetus just jumped ahead of him in the waiting for the throne line.
(10:00) Lindsay Lohan is in big trouble -- but this time, it's with the IRS. Mike explains why jail would help her out in the long-run.
(14:00) Is Taylor Swift banging Harry Styles now? The guys in the newsroom finally give her props for the quality -- and quantity -- of Hollywood man she keeps landing.
(18:00) Marvin Gaye's son calls into the show to rip a movie that's in the works about his father's life ... and to explain why he wants Lenny Kravitz to have no part in it.
(24:00) Nick Lachey was kicked out of a San Diego Chargers game -- and was extremely proud of it.
(28:10) Charles takes serious issue with Adam Levine for calling "Honey Boo Boo" "the decay of Western Civilization."
(32:00) Hollywood is now home to the most upscale Walgreen's on Earth.
(34:00) Is Hugh Hefner stupid for trying to marry Crystal Harris again after she dumped him five days before their last wedding?
(37:45) Steve Nash is in a crazy custody fight with his ex.
(38:40) The floor is yours!

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Okay, a big segment on Liho, and today's sponsor is "ORAQUICK". BWUAHAHAHA. cough, I blame Andyconda and H8tard for my mind being there.

688 days ago


You're giving more time to Katt Williams than to the Petraues scandal, which is/was bigger news and juicier gossip!

688 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

We should have Raquel right out of the gate today, they may try to trick us though.

688 days ago


it's fat Mike

688 days ago

Flying Blind    

bath salts

688 days ago


Katt is on Crystal meth.

688 days ago


Mike it is not funny that a dog got shoot JERK

688 days ago


Mike, what do you think is so funny about the Katt Williams story? The guy is obviously having issues and you think it's funny, like it's just some big joke? He hit that store guy, he is accused of throwing a cigarette butt at a woman's face and you think that is funny?

688 days ago


It's called getting with the time. It's about damn time a woman can be Queen without having to take a back seat to a male heir. It should be the first born no matter the sex.

688 days ago


The line of succession does not go to Prince Harry if Prince William is able to have more children.

688 days ago


He acts like he is bi-polar

688 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

omg you people are talking about Prince William like he's prince of the world. This world is so full of BS news it's appalling. On my day off I'm watching tv and what happens? I get a RED banner with BREAKING news that Katt Williams is pregnant. Who fcking cares?

688 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

where is Harvey? Harvey I am your number one fan.. I want a mug and a t-shrt

688 days ago


Taylor is a young girl she is not marry so shen shuld be dating who ever she wants

688 days ago


Are we going to get a surprise phone call from Bloathan?
Taylor Swift is the ultimate HO, she dates whoever the flavor of the moment is most popular. Once Harry Styles dumps her, she'll go after Justin Bieber.

688 days ago
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