Mel Gibson New Year's Cop Out??

1/1/2013 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Mel Gibson -- New Year's Cop Out??

TMZ Live

Mel Gibson doesn't wanna hear about your New Year's resolutions ... 'cause he doesn't believe in 'em! Good idea -- or just a cop out for people who lack the will power to change?? For some reason ... Harvey has strong feelings about this one.

Plus, Anne Hathaway famously bombed as Oscars host last year ... so she's probably not the best person to be giving Seth MacFarlane advice on hosting this year.

Also, Chad Johnson runs to the FBI -- over his sex tape -- and Harvey's willing to bet you can't stump Eric, our music savant! Harv sometimes loses.
(0:00) Mel Gibson has turned over a new leaf -- at least that's what Harvey thinks. And Charles thinks Mel is a huge chicken. Let us explain...
(7:00) Anne Hathaway -- who bombed as an Oscar host -- has advice for Seth MacFarlane for hosting the Oscars. Grain of salt, Seth.
(10:00) Chad Johnson is latest celeb with a sex tape -- and he thinks it was released after his cell phone was hacked. We have all the juicy details.
(16:00) Eric -- our in-house music savant -- is ready and waiting to be stumped. Don't plan of it.
(22:00) Pro-gun supporters want Piers Morgan thrown out of the country for ripping the US over gun laws.
(26:00) A dental assistant was fired for being too sexy -- and a judge upheld it! Whose side are you on?
(30:00) A Disney hype man is being sued for kissing a woman and playing her butt like drums ... and lost! The woman got paid ... and he kept his job!
(33:00) It's time again for ... Tim's rejected stories of the week!
(38:00) The floor is yours!