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Bieber Photog's Death

Who's to Blame?

1/2/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The paparazzo who was hit by a car and killed thought he was documenting a huge Justin Bieber story. One of his closest friends called in to talk about what went down right before the deadly accident.

Plus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's unborn baby is making tons of money ... for the porn industry! Yeah, it's weird ... but, good or bad, everyone's got something to say about the latest celeb fetus among us.

And, not surprising ... Katt Williams was arrested again. But what is surprising is the lucid, yet controversial, point Katt made about gun ownership and kids.

(0:00) A tragic turns of events when photographer Chris Guerra is killed while trying to snap photos of Justin Bieber. We speak to one of Chris' closest friends -- who was the last person to speak to Chris -- who explains to us what happened leading up to the deadly accident.
(7:00) Miley Cyrus blames Chris for his own death -- and most people agree with her Twitter rant.
(10:00) Viewers sound off on Chris' death.
(14:00) Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West's baby -- proving one thing once and for all ... people care too much about the state of Kim K's uterus.
(18:00) Jessica Simpson -- totally overshadowed by Kim K.'s pregnancy.
(24:00) Charlie Sheen hurls a homophobic word while MC'ing an event -- then gives a silly excuse as to why he let the f-word slip. Plus, one caller's point about using the f-word SHOCKS Harvey and Charles.
(30:00) Katt Williams was arrested for the four millionth time -- but this time it was for having guns at home. Now for the surprising part -- he makes a legit statement about gun ownership after bailing out of jail.
(34:00) Brooke Mueller sues a rehab facility for leaking information about her ... and she wins, big time.
(36:00) Kobe Bryant and Vanessa are far from divorce -- flaunting their relationship at one of the swankiest restaurants in L.A.
(38:00) The floor is yours!

No Avatar

Los Pepes    

Romans 10 9-10

666 days ago


Happy New Year to one and all.
No one is too blame for the photog's death except the pap himself. Trying to toss blame onto JB or anyone else is ludicrious. The man should've looked both ways before crossing the street.

666 days ago


ABSOLUTELU 100% THE PHOTOGS FAULT. I'm surprised this hasnt happen already Paps are so reckless and low brow. good riddance

666 days ago

Flying Blind    

Kim K fading away right in front of her eyes, pushed to second by Justin B.

666 days ago


BTW, Thanks Harvey and company for the AWESOME distraction on the front page. I actually like punching into the site and seeing Whalberg and Crowe. Now there is a sammich Maj could get into, woohoo.

666 days ago


100% photogs fault
Thank goodness an innocent bystander wasn't killed instead due to his actions.

WAKE UP PAPARAZZI, quit being fidiots!

666 days ago


Katt Williams.

Justin Beiber.

Kim K.

No thanks!

666 days ago


How come Fat Mike hasn't allowed a post on how much Kimmykakes has put on in the past month. I looked at those photos from NYE, her legs are showing the weight gain. Then again, FAT MIKE will say it's because of pregnancy and should be expected unlike all the other pregnant women who gain weight and are just considered "FAT" right, FAT MIKE??????

666 days ago


I don't understand how there could be a question on who's at fault. The pap was stupid and careless which led to his death. Why would it be big news if Justin was smoking pot?

666 days ago


Hi FIVE, Mr/Miss Mod, you are on the ball today. You don't get enough recognition. You go.

666 days ago


Happy New Year fellow posters! Hope everyone is well!
TMZ, enough with the Kim and Kanya pregnacy. Big deal, she's not even divorced yet is preg. with another guys spawn. Way to glamorize their lack of morals.
Rename the site, K&K zone...GAH!

666 days ago


Photog's fault. Followed Justin around all day to end up dead . . for what? A photograph of a singer? LOL. Not funny that he died, funny that he died for a story/picture.

666 days ago


I feel sorry for the person who hit the pap. Their car looks a mess. They'll have to live with this and it wasn't their fault.

666 days ago


Whatever the friend of the pap says is HEARSAY, Harvey, and you should know that. I don't know why you're trying to justify the pap's actions.

666 days ago

Flying Blind    

just the fax cop, just the fax

666 days ago
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