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Justin Bieber

"Harassed" by Dead Photog

1/3/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber and the photog who was killed were very close ... but not in a good way. We'll tell you why people in Justin's camp are now slamming the guy.

Plus, Kathy Griffin thinks her repeated attempts to give Anderson Cooper a mock-BJ on New Year's Eve were hysterical, but the Parents Television Council prez joined us to explain why KG's antics probably scarred millions of kids.

And, Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) says he'd rather teach his kids how to smoke pot than have them learn on their own ... you buying what he's selling?

(0:00) Justin Bieber's people are lashing out at the photographer who died this week -- saying the guy was harassing Justin and making his life a living hell. Too soon ... or the right time to take the offensive?
(5:00) Weight loss companies want nothing to do with Kim Kardashian ... so why would they snub one of the most popular people on the planet?
(10:00) The "Twilight" star who swore he didn't pee in an airport terminal ... definitely peed in an airport terminal. He peed A LOT ... and we have video of the bizarre incident.
(14:00) One of Sofia Vergara's prized possessions (one of her boobs) popped out during a New Year's Eve brawl ... and we have a photo of the revealing situation.
(18:00) Kathy Griffin repeatedly tried to give Anderson Cooper a mock BJ during their NYE broadcast -- we talk to the head of the Parents Television Council, who's ticked off at her sexual antics.
(24:00) Kanye West gets out of a ticket with a warning -- so the question -- do celebs get more legal breaks than the Average Joe?
(29:00) This is really interesting -- after a group of A-list celebs make a PSA to urge stricter gun control ... a group spliced in video of those same celebs wielding weapons and shooting people in movies. Hypocrisy at its finest, folks.
(33:00) Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg) says he'd rather teach his kids how to smoke weed than have them learn themselves.
(36:00) It's once again time for Tim's worst pitches of the week!
(38:00) The floor is yours!

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Stop blaming the chris guerra he just doing his job . how sure you guys that his the one who said that justin smoking do you guys have proof use your brain guys instead blaming him. for justin of course you will do everything to protect your image thats your job as a celebrity. And broke up with selena i dont believe you guys not together because the next day people see you hanging out together like you guys said pap make stories samething with celebrities they will lie so people talk about them.

604 days ago


And to the officer keep teling the photog to go back to his carif he knows unsafe why he didnt guide him instead keep telling him unsafe

604 days ago

April Presley    

Harvey has talked about the gun ban the last few days. He brought up the 60 day waiting period in Israel, but did not mention teachers carry guns in Israel. He is also not mentioning this last week there was a restaraunt/theatre shooting where a licensed gun carrier stopped an assault my shooting the criminal. You need to report the good too Harvey!!

604 days ago


Jenny McCarthy did not randomly pick a stranger to kiss on New Year's Eve. There was a contest and the man that won got to kiss her at Midnight.

604 days ago


Why cant everyone leave this poor lesbian alone?

604 days ago

Gnobo Calypso    

Nothing is as it appears. Nothing can exist in black and white. What if Kathy Lee and Cooper Anderson symbolized our current journey into the New Year. The uninhibited moves forward to express spontaneity, yet the old pulsl her back to restrain her to the old. New year uncertainties reverse the roles; the gay shuns the reckless abandon of the female. The female disarms the gay. Who then remains in the old? What holds us back?

603 days ago


that`s not rite

596 days ago


Okay, since Harvey knew what he was signing up for... first of all, as someone reporting the truth, you fail more than you succeed.... you get pieces and assume and surmise the rest... also, you look old and quite frankly, your opinions are not mainstream... TMZ would and could do better by shelving you ASAP. As for the stout boy, he's pretty current, rocking the hair, but not to an extreme, so he can stay. Harvey is the reason I can't stomach too much TMZ.... plus, he just looks like a sissy boy whimp and even as a disabled Green Beret, I could take him down with a puff of air... or maybe my pinky at most. Get a real, decent, more mainstream guy to run TMZ. Harvey sucks and isn't good enough to report stories on local dog parks... but hey, ya knew what you were getting into when you stepped in front of the world as a TV personality. I feel sorry for your kids, if you ever managed any... and maybe some paternity testing should be done because it hardly seems probable. As for Megan, she did an interview and answered questions which people like Harvey will lead others into, and then light them up for what they say. If you don't get it Harvey, then it's because you were far too outcast and stupid to be worth bullying and as an adult, no one cares enough or knows who you are to care. Plus, the other people on TMZ are carrying you so well that the public is able to overlook the token DB, named Harvey. :-)

591 days ago


Nicki, Is right! You guys would really hate me, because, I would've put some ketchup on mine. Black people love flavor to their food.

591 days ago
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