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Justin Bieber

Pot Smoking

You Be the Judge

1/6/2013 1:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-justin-bieber-tmzJustin Bieber's pot smoking raises questions about the role of celebs as role models. So we gotta ask ...



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There has been stories that Justin after shows smokes a lot of weed. He is also a douche bag that has a huge ego. He treats his assistants like **** and is a big spoiled brat. I'm not saying he can't party but his fans are kids.When parents see this they will not like it. He is not in a Death Metal band. He is teen pop star and a lot of them go to drugs after there career is in the ****ter. In ten years in might be Justin with Lindsey whats that white powder in his nose.

601 days ago

amir gray    

i think he's just stressed with selena the death of that paparazzi the paparazzi .But im not saying thats an excuse but he was probably trying to get away calm down and relax he is a celebrity teen and a teen heart trab so he can make mistakes like everbody else i feel for him he need someone to tak to who wont run to the paparazzi everytime he opens his mouth someone to actually trust he should make things right with selena calm down think things over talk to a trst worthy family member who wont make him feel bad cuz everybody a critic i am a straight 15 year old boy who is a fan and feel bad for him i speak the truth not biased and am a consol for teens like yself and adults he should come to me

601 days ago


i used to think he was lame but now i dont lol even tho i think his music is still pretty lame

601 days ago


Did TMZ find out what phony medical problem Justin has so he can get a fake medical marijuana card?

601 days ago


I don't care that Justin smoked pot. He's 18, and it's his body, his life. Pretty sure somewhere in the near future marijuana will be legal. What bugs me is the open beer bottle in front of him and the fact that he and his people lied about the smoking, calling the dead photog a liar when he isn't alive to defend himself. Better hope he doesn't haunt your assistance in the afterlife.

601 days ago


for the love of god give it a rest! pot has been poisoned by government and bad publicity for years!!!! pot is less harmful all the way around than alcohol ever will be.alcohol kills brain cells and people on a daily bases pot only slows the synaptic process and to the best of my knowledge hasnt directly killed anyone. i've seen a pot head get high and crawl into his car and race down the road like mario andretti! its more like a tortise crawl and they think there flying!!!! i personally would rather hang out with a pothead than a drunk any day, and lets get it straight people alcohol is and will always be the stater drug no matter how hard you try and deny it

600 days ago


Justin didn't smoke. it's all photoshopped. none of him tattoos r in the pics. And i dont care even if he did. He's not anything less to me. I will love him forever and always. <3

599 days ago


you need to edit the following poll questions to add

Smoking pot - not harmful at all or less harmful than alcohol (as it is less harmful)

Justin in 5 years - a bitch

Overall, Justin is - see above

Justin - again see above

597 days ago

Miller Cerasuolo    

As we ring in the New Year, the big question is…was Justin Bieber smoking dope? Yes, folks…we don’t care about global warming, the inadequacies of Congree, or world peace. Our young people are most concerned with the Bieber since they’re all infected with the fever. The real question is, why do we care if he smokes pot or not? The culture surrounding marijuana is changing. Many states, including Virginia, allow possession of marijuana for medical purposes if you have a valid prescription. Other states, like Colorado, have passed legislation making it legal to possess marijuana for any purpose. Although there is still conflicting issues with federal law, I predict that my grandchildren won’t even think about this issue.

578 days ago
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