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Justin Bieber

Has a Lil Scapegoat

For Pot Smoking

1/8/2013 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber lights up a blunt, but now some people wanna blame his Black friend?!! Lil Twist ... meet the bus -- you'll be underneath it.

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No Avatar


why you say ''black friend''? How about ''friend''. Face it you feed the racism TMZ, you are part of CIA programming to make us hate the Blacks. TMZ go to hell.

653 days ago


He should kick Lil Twist to the curb. Why would he choose such an ugly loser???

653 days ago


You Whities are ****ed up sick brained racists. Why don't you blame Lindsay Lohan's Black attorney for her being a ****ed up drugged up ho since you're blaming Blacks for everything.

653 days ago


Lil Twist or no Lil Twist....Bieber would have smoked the weed! Who even cares anyway its not like he is Lindsey Lohan who's snorting everything from here to timbuktoo!

653 days ago


He is Canadian, of course he smokes weed.

653 days ago


Sorry, but unless there's a reason to belieb Justin was smokin' pot before he started hanging out with someone who has never hidden his pot habit, yes, the guy with the habit could bear some responsibility.

If you hang out with someone who doesn't smoke, you can choose not to smoke, you can choose not to influence your so-called friend. Or you can hand him a blunt and light it for him.

It's ridiculous to say he bears zero responsibility IF he introduced Biebs to smokin' pot (which is a logical assumption based on the evidence).

653 days ago


THAT IS THE STUPIDEST THINGGG.Who cares if he smokes weed in the first place and then to blame what justin does on someone else is not right.You idiots need to get a life-.-

653 days ago


People making big deal over smoking. What about the photographer who was killed the next day. Sound a little suspicious don't you think?

653 days ago


justin bieber is a grown man even thought he looks like a child. Nobody is forcing him to do anything he doesn't want to do so to blame somebody else is horse **** . blaming another man for his decision is bull****. how do we know it wasnt bieber was the one who had the weed. Justin is probably not as innocent as his p.r. makes him out to be. he's a grown man so he is old enough to take responsibility fro his actions. He obviously doesnt have to hang out with twist but he does. At the end he needs to take responsibility for his actions

653 days ago


i wanna smoke with jb XD

653 days ago


whoever believe on those tmz pictures must be very dumb extremely retarded and easily manipulated. Even if you have brain as bigger as one small peas u will understand that the pictures are just staged. nancy pelocy pictures are more convincing those those ones and yet she said they are fake

653 days ago


The only ones that are making it a race issue is TMZ themselves!! There is not even one report from either sides reps saying anything about anyones color of skin!! The problem with TMZ right now is that they probably paid tons of money for those pictures of Justin smoking weed, and they didn't get the "bad" reaction they wanted, so now they are trying anything to try to get their moneys worth!! They need to stop, and move on, cause it's only making them look more ridiculous by the minute!!

653 days ago


"Meet the bus"??....Don't you mean get to the back of the bus black "friend"

653 days ago


He is old enough to smoke this if he wants, just own up to it. If he is worried about anything it should be the slap to the people who listen/buy his music. Sorry Bieber, but the people who listen to JayZ, Usher, Snoop Lion. etc do not listen to Beiber. His listeners are little girls, tweens and teenie girls. Don't bite the hand that feeds you or else you will finally have to go back to Canada.

653 days ago


Its just a little weed

653 days ago
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