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Lindsay on Tape ...


1/11/2013 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Lindsay Lohan blasted her co-star James Deen while shooting "The Canyons" ... and the awesome rant was captured on tape! James calls into the show to explains what it was like having Lindsay rip him a new one ... but more importantly ... we ask him if he ever banged Lindsay!
br />Plus, Britney Spears is doing Vegas, baby! Maybe. Smart move for Brit to ditch 'X Factor' ... and follow in the (much older) footsteps of Celine Dion and Elton John?

And, the Beyonce GQ cover airbrush controversy continues -- she releases photos of herself in a bikini to prove she's really got the goods ... but you can't see her face. We'll gladly re-investigate this one.

(0:00) We obtained audio of Lindsay Lohan going nuts on the set of "The Canyons" -- which includes harsh jabs at her co-star James Deen. Deen calls into the show ... and explains what it was really like on set with her. Plus ... Evan asks him if he ever banged Lindsay. You gotta hear this.
(10:00) Sharon Osbourne attacks Lady Gaga for attack Kelly Osbourne for ripping Lady Gaga about her weight ... you follow? Somebody in the mix is a huge hypocrite.
(14:00) A Justin Bieber look-alike wants everyone to know it wasn't him in the pictures we obtained of Justin smoking week. So... thanks for clearing that up.
(18:00) Quentin Tarantino explodes on a reporter for asking him if movie violence and real violence are tied together ... the same day he was snubbed for a Oscar nomination for best director. Coincidence, much?
(24:00) Britney Spears may be headlining in Las Vegas -- which would make her a few decades younger than the usual Vegas performer. Can she handle such a heavy task?
(29:00) Beyonce releases photos of her in a bikini after everyone accused her of having her GQ photos airbrushed. But there's a catch ... you never see Bey's face in the photo. Oh yeah, it's conspiracy time.
(33:00) Much respect for Demi Lovato -- she's taking her sobriety so seriously that she's been staying in a sober living home all year. Kudos.
(36:00) Kate Middleton's first official portrait has been commissioned -- and it's hideous. Seriously, you gotta see this thing.
(38:00) The floor is yours!

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Flying Blind    

before and after pictures

619 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

They could let the old lady who touched up the Jesus picture awhile back work on it.

619 days ago


Damn, what happened to Knucks today? I guess I'm the only one hanging around with no life, eh? LOL.

619 days ago


Home of the "Low Information Voters"!!!!

619 days ago


Skyper's right, Lindsay has a right to complain, even though it was ultimately just subtle flirtation masked with a bit of anger

619 days ago

Flying Blind    

Why is that girl skyper wearing washers on her ears?

619 days ago

Wow ...    

Britney is 31

619 days ago


♪♫ hit me baby one more time ♫

619 days ago

Flying Blind    

Majestik, you can start your life again ..........

619 days ago


D-Listers sure do get a lot of press these days.

618 days ago


I do not believe that there is any conspiracy in the whole Bey once thing. Basically, it just seems she does not want what she may consider a "bad" pic of her out there. So what. Most people wouldn't. So we cannot see her face, but the pic is more professional than candid. You can tell by the lighting shadows. The shadows are not from a natural setting obviously. But whatever. She is beautiful. Most of the pics that get out that appear natural of her, just are not really that natural. But ugly, fat, and old is not going to keep people "buying" into her. Sex sells. Perfection sells. Jay is a smart businessman. He has the best of both worlds. The so called perfect wife with a huge wallet and an artist who is the relief people want from all the perfection in Rihanna the "bad girl". I am tired of Beyonce, but I have to admit that I still am intrigued. Or it is the hilarious comments.

618 days ago


So sad. So sad...

617 days ago

dixie geary    

bring ricky gervas back to the globes

616 days ago
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