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Tiger & Elin Reunion

Time Heals Old Wounds

2/25/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren came together -- just 3 years after his cheating scandal -- and even managed to be civil to each other. How in the world could Elin forgive him? There are, perhaps, 100 million really good reasons.

Plus, Britney Spears looked HOT at Elton John's Oscars party -- at least that's why we think -- but sources at the shindig got a much different picture. Yikes!

Also, MC Hammer thinks he was racially profiled by cops -- but there's a HUGE hole in his story ... and Harvey is not biting.

(0:00) Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren ... together again! We're not sure how she can stand being anywhere near the guy.
(5:00) Does Suri Cruise have a body double? New photos suggest she does.
(7:00) Huge changes on "Dancing with the Stars" -- we'll tell you who's out, and who's in.
(10:00) Britney Spears looked hot last night a brunette ... depending on who you talk to.
(15:00) A joking tweet from The Onion -- calling 9-year-old Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis a terrible name -- catches heat ... did they really go too far?
(18:00) Rapper Gunplay's armed robbery case gets dismissed -- despite VIDEO of the incident. Gunplay calls in to explain how he got off so easy.
(22:00) MC Hammer says he was racially profiled by cops -- but there a huge gap in his story ... and Harvey isn't biting.
(25:00) Adrian Peterson doesn't want his son to play football -- is this the beginning of the end for the NFL?
(30:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger goes on a date with a hot blonde -- and we have the pics to prove it.
(33:00) Kanye West disses Jay-Z for teaming up with Justin Timberlake.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(42:00) Erin Andrews awkwardly avoids a kiss from 50 Cent ... you gotta see how she bobs and weaves in the video.

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Actually soccer is as bad for the brain as football. They use their heads to hit balls without helmets. People take risk with sport. Common sense.

574 days ago


I think Kanye is just an idiot! A big sucky baby. The words in that song basically insult Kim K and her entire clan, also! DOuche

574 days ago


They were friends until Kim came along. Bey is too embarrased to be seen with her (word is).

574 days ago


WTF tups wieths all the phat psys on big MIKE? PMSS males?

574 days ago


Watch the fluck out ifn u drive smart car cops don`t like SMART GUYS

574 days ago


OMG - I got pummled for my comments on the 50 cent story - I kinda stuck up for him (I thought people liked him). LOL!

574 days ago


A small chase with a hyper stering smart car at 20MPH is like donut chaseing a snail.COPS hate smart cars because they cab drive circles around thier full size boats and they like to run them over OVER GPS ligh changer NO stop just a driver over or though

574 days ago


RE: Erin Andrews and 50 Cent

She wasn't necessarily trying to avoid the kiss . . . she wanted to be sure that 50cent didn't upstage her and that's why she presented her left cheek - keeping her in view of the camera. Good thinking and a professional reaction

574 days ago


Why does everyone on TMZ look like they need a bath? Greasers...........

574 days ago


i believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the shy...

574 days ago

jennifer miserak    

I miss Rochelle very much.. Her enthusiasm and independent spirit are missed. Her commentary was never the expected TMZism and always sincerely delivered. Her feminine and family centered viewpoints are refreshing and a delightful counterpoint to the stereotypical "girlie" voices most recently showcased. Additionally, when the other day Sarah spoke (giggle...giggle) re:orgasmic expression... Charles... after a Great roomscape of silence...sez' "Shut Up Sarah"...Where is my Rochelle???

573 days ago


The results for the poll are flawed about parents letting their kids playing football....... Most people will be making their own choice not the parents

573 days ago


So are you'll saying that because tiger cheater it was ok for Elin to attack him with a GOLF CLUB and everybody's cool with that but y'all treat Chris brown like his the devil, why couldn't Elin just leave, I didn't see SUV make a episode about that

573 days ago


One flaw in the Britney looks terrible inside the party conversation. She only stayed for LESS than one hour. So no, her make up didn't run and look terrible and this whole show loses credibility.

573 days ago


played golf all my life,when tiger seen whats her name pick that club up its like its time to leave if he hadn't one hit to head he probley be dead. elin lucky he ran. hes ok know tiger will break all golf major tournament records and sneads record.pissed of women golf club in hand tiger got the hell out thank god.all the crap about him with these women don't no wasn't there cant judge.elin should be very happy he got out.

552 days ago
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