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Sarah Palin


Out of a Straw

3/17/2013 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0317_sarah_palin_gettySarah Palin attempted to mock the proposed ban on large sodas in New York City by sipping on a Big Gulp during her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday.

For those of you outside of the Big Apple, Mayor Bloomberg is trying to implement a ban on soda cups bigger than 16 ounces ... in the interest of health.

The former VP hopeful took a dig at Bloomberg when she brought the large cup on stage and said, "Bloomberg’s not around. Our Big Gulp’s safe."

Seems no one told Palin that the 7-Eleven Big Gulp is NOT part of the proposed ban.

Maybe if she read a magazine or newspaper ...


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Tmz...the big gulp is bigger than 16 oz so maybe rephrase what you are saying to make it more accurate...or stop being so biased. Either way works.

563 days ago

Pet peeves    

"For those of you outside of the Big Apple,"...

In other words people who are so stupid that they come here for "news"...

563 days ago


who let this dipsh1t back in the spotlight

563 days ago


Why is anyone still talking about her? She is irrelevant. She is an unemployed quitter. She needs a big gulp, her anorexia is starting to show badly. She should worry about her illegit grand-baby instead of big gulps.

PS- she is against free speech. Whenever you correct a fact she got wrong on her FB page- it get delete. LOL! Typical Republican. Say what you want, and pretend its the truth, even if its 100% wrong.

563 days ago


I saw Sarah in Seattle a few weeks ago driving an old Ford Excursion with a Alaska vanity plate:


563 days ago


Enough with the conservative bashing TMZ! It's okay to mock Obama and that idiot Biden once in a while. Harvey needs to hire a strong conservative among all the liberal 20-something drones on that show. That would boost ratings.

563 days ago


It gets a little old beating the dead horse over and over and over again! Come on TMZ writers, this is really about personal rights being slowly taken away. You can kill a fetus, but not drink a soda in NYC over 16 oz....really???!!! Why don't you make fun of the $20-40k portraits (not just one or two) the White House had done of staff, but they close White House tours because of budget cuts.

563 days ago


Big fail TMZ. Even though that particular store soda is safe, the bill is called the Big Gulp Ban by EVERYONE. It's called. IRONY. Look it up.

563 days ago


Bloomberg has to be the richest IDIOT on the planet!!!

563 days ago


With that wig on her head and 5 inch platform shoes she looks like an old hooker . I mean really under what rock she lives under?????

563 days ago


Sarah Palin is a phony out to make as much money as she can for herself, imho. Having said that, the "portion control" is overreaching and I feel most people want the government to protect them, but not in such an extreme way. We'd prefer if the government stopped pretending the people's consumption of the soda was the problem and go after the manufacturers of the products.

Cigarettes are a huge example of this. They give you cancer, but instead of the government banning the carcinogens, they tax and make money off the people with the addiction and continue taxing our healthcare system. It's just robbing Peter to pay Paul. Pepsi just replaced sugar in regular Pepsi with a sweetner with ingredients they have chosen not to disclose. More labeling of GMO's, health risks and taxing the companies (not the purchasers) of the companies, regardless of generous campaign donations by said companies, would be a better response from Mayor Bloomberg. Again, just my opinion.

TMZ shouldn't have taken a stance on this IMO, you reside in a state with high taxes, government intrusion of your rights and are virtually bankrupt and shouldn't be making such declarations. I love your site otherwise, but such political issues can be very polarizing and have a greater impact on our lives than what could legal options for Lindsay Lohan. Stick with what you're good at TMZ.

563 days ago


I see this website attacking Rand Paul , and supporting drones shooting Americans in cafes next.

563 days ago


Just about every news outlet referred to Bloomberg's soda ban as an attack on Big Gulps. Why didn't you try to correct them? Oh wait, just about every new outlets is liberal, that's why. Double standard as usual. Go after the conservative. That little women sure does scare the crap out of you Obama butt sucking liberals. Love it.

562 days ago

Most H8d     

She ********** too

562 days ago


why is this news? leave the poor woman alone, yes tmz, it's ok if people have different views from you, it really is

562 days ago
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