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Lindsay Lohan

12 Hours to Dodge


5/2/2013 5:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0502_lindsay_lohan_article3Prosecutors will seek an arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan ... if she's not ensconced at Morningside Recovery by sunrise ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As we reported, Lindsay rolled up to Morningside Recovery this morning ... but she never got out of her SUV. The whip inexplicably left the premises with Lindsay still inside, and she never came back.

Now, law enforcement sources tell us, if Lindsay isn't at Morningside by dawn tomorrow -- roughly 6am in L.A. at this time of year -- prosecutors will go to court first thing in the morning and seek a warrant for her arrest.

It's unclear where Lindsay is at the moment ... but she better get a move on.

Tick tock.


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501 days ago

Hot Farts    

Honestly LMAO. Nthezone and I both said she would check in at 11:59 p.m. today. Now they are trying to blame Heller. He said she was there but, she hadnt planned to chek in til 'later'. If she could not stay 2 mins. she will not last a week. Heller is a stoopid crooked sucker...he got out crooked by Lohan. He was tryin to manipulate it so she'd be there til end of may before a hearing...guess you didnt count on the double cross ey Heller. Grifter Lohan 101

501 days ago


Flood the prosecutors office with e-mails, these idiots are getting played or paid. This is crazy S&^t.

501 days ago


And if she doesn't show up, what? Nothing, that's what.

501 days ago

Big Momma    

What is wrong with the state of California/legal system? You all look like absolute fools for allowing lindsy lohan this endless, endless saga. Why did the judge allow this, why isn't she picked up immediately upon failure to show versus giving her til morning. Criminals, petty or otherwise, make your way to California.

501 days ago


Only lindsay lohan would be stupid enough to do this, maybe she should try going to mexico? Lol

501 days ago


did they just say "whip" ?

501 days ago


This is really a joke at this point. She is always allowed to skate by. That judge should have been ticked off but instead he was very passive and let her skate again. It's only a matter of time before she seriously hurts herself or someone else with her destructive behavior. Sad because she once possessed a lot of talent and potential too and she if she can get her act really together she could have a career again. She should look at Robert Downey Junior, Drew Barrymore take some lessons from them. They were both in the same position with not being insurable but they work their way to personal and professional success.

501 days ago


@lindsaylohan clamslamming @Dyke and Jane,
West Hollywood tonite!!

501 days ago


Why is she allowed to just change where she goes, arrest her. Maybe she isn't as stupid as people might think if she goes to jail she might end up with only about 6 hours or 6 days in jail so maybe she is trying to get a sentence that way she can walk free and won't have to go to rehab. This rehab can't help her anyway they won't lock her down she will be able to come and go freely.

Her lawyer looks like a douche

501 days ago

Suzy Q     

Lindsay, here's a personal invite from Tijuana:

Su burro te echa de menos.

501 days ago


For the love of god why are they letting her get away with all this crap?! This is such a joke... Just force her to go to the original rehab not some ridiculour place that isnt even licensed maybe it would save her life?!

501 days ago


This idiot has been making a mockery of the criminal justice system since she became involved with it. She always gets a free pass every single time. The Judges out in CA. have no backbone. She will get the arrest warrant signed against her but she will wiggle out of it as usual. When she finally does die. Her blood is on The many Judges hands who let her get away with this chaotic BS. It's not the Prosecutor's fault..They're doing their job. It's the Judges who are sweet on Lindsay. Instead of saving her life. They continually kiss her ass.

501 days ago


If I ever want to be a criminal, I am going to Cali!

501 days ago


As entertaining as this thing called lindsay lohans life is, I'm so sick of watching her get away with everything short of murder with no consequences. She needs to be treated like everyone else and none of us would be as lucky as she's been, we'd probably of spent a lot of time in a actual prison. I hear people get tons more time in jail for way less, and when your a habitual offender, they are supposed to be strict, not let her run amok!

However, I highly doubt she's just ghosted. I think what probably happened is she showed up to morningside, someone contacted her telling her or her people about the new information regarding morningside and their suspended license so she didnt get out of the car and probably was driven to the airport to get BACK to new york to go to the original rehab they picked. As fun as it would be to watch the crazy train that would occur in the morning if she was still M.I.A, I would bet any money after learning about the issues with morningside rehab, the reason she left was they decided to go back to the NY rehab and she wil be there in the morning.

501 days ago
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