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Shanna Moakler

Breastfeeding Ain't for Me!

5/7/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Ex-Miss USA runner-up Shanna Moakler took a shot at breastfeeding -- saying it's "incestual and gross" -- and now some parents are pissed. Shanna joined us to defend her point of view ... on boobs.

Plus, a court has to decide if Charlie Sheen's twins go back to Brooke Mueller when she gets out of rehab. Should she regain custody -- and if not ... is Charlie a better option?

And Gov. Chris Christie admits getting the Lap-Band to lose weight. It's a strong sign he's running for prez, but does weight matter that much to voters? And why are some fat people pissed at the guv?

(0:00) Shanna Moakler joins us to explain her stance on breastfeeding -- are you on her side?
(7:00) Chris Brown misses the Met Gala after his plane fills with smoke ... then hops on another plane right after.
(10:00) Shocking revelations in court today reveal how Charlie Sheen's children have been living under Brooke Mueller's care.
(14:00) Should Lindsay Lohan be able to take Adderall while in rehab?
(18:00) Gov. Chris Christie has Lap-Band surgery -- is that cheating? Rev. Al Sharpton joins us to weigh in.
(23:00) Farrah Abraham's sex tape -- bigger than Kim Kardashian's!
(26:00) The Met Gala -- bad fashion at its finest.
(31:00) Kobe Bryant makes a big move to block his mom from selling his stuff.
(33:00) Obadiyah Ysrayl joins us to explain the benefits of his organization, Israelite Heritage.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Bijan's mansion -- as extravagant as his life.

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Their blooming mikes TMZ, wake up sound engineer, if you cant do your job I'll happily take it from you

498 days ago


I just poked my head in for a second and some unknown person is talking about....what?
Signing off.

498 days ago


Things are out of focus too, both the menu on the side and less so the camera on Harvey and Charles.

498 days ago


Shut up Harvey, you douche. Pick on Christie and never once say a word about Star Jones, Al Rocker Sharon Osborne and many more, just because he is a politician and does not share your same view you need to attack him and call him lazy. Wait till he give an interview, maybe its thyroid or a genetic issue.

498 days ago


Al Sharpton had lap band surgery years ago.

498 days ago


anyone else notice they used snippets from the Revs earlier interview with a tmz cameraman and tried to make it look like a telephone interview with them

498 days ago


I think the only people interested in Farrah is TMZ , and believe Steve Hirsch is lying about servers crashing because of demand .That guy will say anything ..

498 days ago


Gary made a funny

498 days ago


That's what they are for - breastfeeding. The day will come when someone doesn't want to use the penis to urinate b/c it would be "too sexual." weird chick.

497 days ago


I support Shanna on her stance with breastfeeding and don't find any shame in it. I do support breastfeeding and did breastfeed for 7 months. However, I didn't feel the "closer bond" because I breastfed. I did it because of the proclaimed health benefits. With that said, my son is now sixteen, isn't skinny, has severe allergies and asthma, and has eczema. I believe the choice should be up to the mom and no one should pass judgement regardless of their stance.

497 days ago


I totally agree with Shanna, when I was first a mother 13 years ago it didn't feel right to me either. And I have as strong a bond with both my children as any other mom. Shanna, don't let these breastfeeding freaks get you down. You can do anything you want and you don't have to answer to anyone!

497 days ago


In regards to breast feeding, I just had my second child, I breast fed my first child for a couple of weeks and the pain was unbearable for me, but because of the guilt others make you feel for not wanting to breastfeed I sucked it up as long as I could and did it anyway. With my recent newborn I decided to give him formula starting off, I am still able to bond with my baby the same way, no I do not feel guilty and I believe my child will grow up just as healthy and smart as any other child.

497 days ago


Funny. I was just thinking that plastic, hacked up hag known as Sharron Moakler was pretty damn gross. Go get some more crap injected into your face and let the smart people do the thinking, you hideous twit.

497 days ago

Beth Z    

I have an 18 year old daughter I had when I was 19 years old - I did not breast feed - she is an honor student, thin, beautiful and perfectly healthy - we were rarely ever at the doctor - she remains healthy and has a great future ahead of her. I tried breast feeding but it was not comfortable with it and she didn't get enough milk so we immediately went to forumla. My daughter and I are very close - she is the best thing to happen to me but I just did not feel comfortable with breast feeding. I am now 8 months pregnant with a baby boy and I am not going to breast feed. It's my choice. I eat healthy, my children eat healthy and I am an amazing mother - just because I do not choose to breast feed does not mean that I am a bad mother, that I am not taking care of my children or that I would not die for them or put them first. I know women who have breast fed and gave their children up during divorce to the father. Breast feeding is not the only way to bond with your children nor does it mean that a mother actually does bond with her child. It's a woman's choice and I do not believe for a minute that anyone should judge another woman for her choice to breast feed or to formula feed. Period! Check out mothers who have breast fed and beat their children, had DCFS take their children from them - you really cannot judge a mother by her choice to breast feed or not. Next we are going to judge people for allowing their children to eat McDonald's and ice cream. There is more to being a mother, a great mother, than choosing to breast feed or not.

497 days ago


So what's wrong with pumping?

497 days ago
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