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To Be Disabled

5/15/2013 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Disneyland's incredibly long lines can easily be cut -- if you're willing to rent pay a disabled person! And if you are ... you're the worst person in the world. Or the smartest. Depends.

Those lines are pretty long.

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Justsay Nohan    

This is a horrible practice...exploiting disabled people to avoid

529 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

waiting in line. Rich people have no patience. Yes, it's good for the people getting paid but it's totally unfair to others.It's one thing if they're a relative or friend who came along in the first place but quite another to pay a perfect stranger.

529 days ago


How crappy that my uncle hadn't done this yet?! Jk. He will let you cut with him for free! :)

529 days ago


Also, I just wanted to know WHY DO ALL THE OLD GIRLS HAVE SUCH A PROBLEM WITH THE NEW BLONDE GIRL??? you can just see them roll their eyes as soon as she starts to speak. Jealous they dropped down on the office who's hot list? Quit hating you old hags. out with the old in with the new...

529 days ago


I see a problem here though... well, i dont know. im confused. Is it these moms people see as disgusting for using the handicapped, or is it the handicap that people find disgusting for taken advantage of the disability? is it even possible for them to take advantage of their disability or is any of it ok? have they been proven to be legit handicap? or scammers? wouldnt these moms be just as disgusting by not hiring the handicap? there are way to many angles here to judge anyone i believe. Everything thats wrong about it, is also right about it. very confusing. seriously though, i think the part that makes it all ok as a whole is the part about disney sells its own speed passes for twice the amount and you still wait longer then with these guides. id much rather pay it to a legit handicap person then to disney... if disney didnt offer this option in their own VIP pass, then id say its wrong. since they do, i see this as giving the money to someone that needs it alot more then disney. if disney didnt have those passes, this would all be outside the system and unfair to the rest of the people there. but disney already has the same system in place. that makes it ok. yeah, i cant see anything wrong here. i mean if they went out and offered money to a random handicap person, that would be a different story, but these are guides offering their service. the same service disney already offers at double the price.

529 days ago

frank the tank    

yeah... I hurt my foot once and got one of those "special passes" just show the people when you enter the line, automatic fast pass. However I don't do that for all the rides (yes i do)...Sadly I have seen people rent a wheel chair, and sit in that for the day, and get to skip lines too, or better yet, they rent the scooters.

529 days ago


I don't know about Disney World but Disneyland will give you an access pass just if you tell them you are disabled. No one needs to spend a lot of money on a disabled guide. Just rent a wheelchair, go to Disney city hall, tell them you are disabled, and then start cutting in line.
Disney is tired of being sued. They will not deny you a pass.

529 days ago


Dear TMZ, I usually don't comment on your stories - I come to your site for the Entertainment. How about this- our kids can trade, mine can be Healthy and yours can have Autism and we will Thankfully wait in that LONG line while you skip ahead with your child to the front. You think these kids want to be in a "special line" with everyone staring at them some people making rude comments ?? What does this post have to do with Celebrities ?

529 days ago


Let's see......paper mache cast for leg? Check. Crutches from an old knee injury? Check. Wheelchair rental? Check.

My next trip to Disneyland is gonna be a blast!

529 days ago


The disabled are paid and get to visit Disneyland. That's a win:win

529 days ago


I guess you guys watched Chelsey Lately last night.

529 days ago


In some states you are required to have a handicapped card w/picture that's issued by the DMV once you've proved to the state that you really are handicapped. Have Disneyworld require proof of handicapped status And relative status, too.

Screw these people for hiring people just to cut in lines for rides. Now handicapped people at theme parks will be viewed suspiciously. Thanks, jerks!!

529 days ago


I told them I had anxiety and I got a disabled pass.

529 days ago


I would gladly wait in line for two or three hours if my son could see, walk or talk. Additionally standing in line would be a whole lot easier on my back. Picking up a 95 pound kid and carrying him on and off rides is killing my back. I think these moms are disgusting s***.

529 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact the Disney land/world sucks! Why waste valuble time standing in stupid lines ON EACH RIDE!!!

529 days ago
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