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O.J. Simpson

Takes the Stand --

My Ex-Lawyer Screwed Me

5/15/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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O.J. Simpson took the stand today in his bid for a new trial, begging the judge to give him a second shot in the 2007 armed robbery case that landed him in prison ... because he believes his old lawyer Yale Galanter screwed him over.

O.J. is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence after being convicted of armed robbery and a bunch of other charges stemming from the September 13th, 2007 incident ... when he stormed into a Vegas hotel room, flanked by several men, and robbed a bunch of sports memorabilia from two collectors. He believes the items in question had been stolen from him.

O.J. has claimed Galanter knew about his plan to retrieve the memorabilia from the 2 memorabilia collectors ... and advised O.J. not to take the stand in his defense so he wouldn't name Galanter as a witness.

During his testimony today, a relaxed-looking O.J. explained that Galanter also failed to keep him informed about a plea deal that would have gotten him out of prison in a few years ... rather than 33.

Had he known he stood a chance of being convicted, O.J. said he would have insisted on testifying ... and definitely would have taken the plea deal if he knew about it. But O.J. said Galanter repeatedly assured him he would never be convicted.

As for the incident itself -- O.J. admitted he'd been drinking beforehand ... but he wasn't "fall-down" drunk. He also said he had no knowledge that a gun was used in any way during the incident.

O.J. said he believed he was legally entitled to do what he did at the time because he didn't do anything his lawyer told him not to do -- i.e. breaking in, or using force.

To prove Galanter was aware of the plan to retrieve the items from the hotel room, O.J. said Galanter had specifically requested one of the items for himself ... an old suit.

And there's this ... O.J. said Galanter only showed him a portion of the audio recorded during the hotel incident, the same audio TMZ posted back in 2007.

Simpson was famously grilled on the stand in the 1996 civil trial when he was found liable for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman -- but he's never spoken under oath in a criminal case. This was a first.


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Who's the broad in the blue...a Marsha Clark wannabe?

526 days ago

KnuckleDragger rattle when you walk.

526 days ago


Strange thing is, when you're watching HLN, which has now switched to the Jodi Arias cruelty phase, there's a small window of a shot of OJ live, with the caption 'watch on hlntv'. He's talking and making gestures, and it strangely matches up with what the prosecutor is saying in the Arias trial. The prosecutor is talking about the stab wounds and the pain involved, and it was bizarrely like watching OJ testify against himself at the Brown/Goldman trial.

526 days ago


Obviously that 33 yr sentence was NOT for this crime. Whether or not you think he killed Ron & Nicole, 33 yrs seemed unfair especially since he was found not guilty of the murder charges. Another example of our screwed up legal system.

526 days ago


Why didn't O.J go through legal means, to retrieve his belongings? Why did he try to take it in his own hands? How did the men get his belongings in the first place? Anybody know?

526 days ago


Lol, anyone that would take the time to listen to someone with his past, his proven problems (which of course were totally made up by the cops for unknown reasons out of the blue right after they happened to find 2 innocent dead people on the steps of OJ's old house - ummkay!) But anyone that would take anything he says seriously. Sumpin's wrong, gullible or naive.

526 days ago


Have the police stopped searching all the golf courses for the so called real killer?

526 days ago


Nicole and Ron didn't get a second chance,why should he?

526 days ago


He loves to hear himself talk. I don't.

526 days ago

who dat    

"Why didn't O.J go through legal means, to retrieve his belongings? Why did he try to take it in his own hands? How did the men get his belongings in the first place? Anybody know?"

I am fairly certain Fred Goldman had a huge civil judgement against OJ by the time this incident took place. Had OJ informed the police of these items that were his, they take the items into secure custody until it was determined who the items belonged to; Fred Goldman would have gained possession to satisfy partial judgement.

526 days ago


He sure knows how to act like a nice, friendly guy!
Sociopathic charm?

526 days ago

paul a.    

I actually feel sorry for him......

526 days ago


OJ just gave TMZ a plug.

526 days ago


DeadHamster. Disgusting piece of work!

526 days ago


Oj is such a crackhead I wish he would sit in his cell n stay the non mf factor that he is he do anything to get attention now because he is not relevant anymore boom

526 days ago
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