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Amanda Bynes

Busted for Pot Possession

And FELONY Bong Tossing

5/24/2013 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

amanda_launchAmanda Bynes was arrested in her NYC apartment Thursday night for marijuana possession and throwing evidence out the window ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources ... a building official called police after spotting Amanda in the lobby with a joint, acting erratically and talking to herself.  We're told when cops arrived they knocked at her door and she let them in. 

Our sources say when police saw the bong Amanda quickly tossed it out the window ... which fortunately didn't hit anyone on the street below.

Amanda, who was wearing a platinum blonde wig, was placed under arrest and went ballistic, yelling, "Don't you know who I am?"

She was booked for criminal possession of pot, as well as reckless endangerment and FELONY tampering with evidence.

Our law enforcement sources say Amanda was briefly taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation and then taken to the station for booking. 

But the cop shop wasn't the last stop.  A cuffed Amanda was then taken to night court just before midnight.  She's still there in a holding cell, waiting for a judge.  She should get a hearing sometime this AM.

Amanda's behavior has become increasingly bizarre over the past year -- with numerous arrests, a complete physical transformation and crazy tweets.



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Yes - who is she? just a nobody getting the public attention for unknown reasons.

482 days ago


Propaganda! The story is not Amanda.. the story is the weed and the emphasis on psychotic actions while doing weed. Reefer Madness etc etc. Another scare tactic. Amanda just so happen to be a big enough name for 'they' and 'them' to make a point... a million ppl a day get arrested for possession.. why blow this story up.. a bigger agenda is at play, we need to be asking who is pulling the strings on these stories.. not who it's about or who is she... who is the guy running the show and making this a big deal.. and why.

482 days ago


Damn. I wish she'd just tossed a pizza out the window. A bong? Not too easy to make simple possession of a little weed a crime ... but tossing a "missile" out the window gives the cops leeway to make something quite innocuous into something felonious. We don't need this nonsense as we approach the cusp of sanity regarding the private use of the herb. Dumb .... just dumb.

482 days ago


Damn ... why didn't she just toss a pizza out the window. Why a bong.

Hard for the cops to make a big issue of a bit of weed, but now that bong is a dangerous "missile" and could cause felonious injury,

We don't need this nonsense as we approach the cusp of sanity in regard to decrim.

Stupid ....

482 days ago


One thing she messed up is she let them in

482 days ago


Totally disappointed in Amanda. She had promise as an actress. Now she is following in Lindseys footsteps. Very Sad

482 days ago


She clearly needs help and I'm surprised her friends, parents or other relatives haven't stepped in before now to see that she got it.

482 days ago


I sympathize with her. Still, living in an upscale NY complex, management is responsible for safety and comfort of all residents. She's well into her 20's. How does someone openly smoke a joint in the building's lobby then erratically throw a bong out their window to hide the "evidence", endangering people on the streets below. This is beyond "high" or immature behavior. The girl needs help.

482 days ago


She's in continuous downward spiral and seems so alone. Result of abusive relationship(s) with men?

482 days ago


What a waste of police time and tax payer dollars at work here. Arresting her in her OWN home for pot. This is why they need to legalize pot and stop filling the jails with this type of so-called crime. Unless the person was under the influence while driving or causing harm to another, it really shouldn't be a big deal. Should have similar laws to alcohol.
What is concerning for her own well-being is her mental behavior but that should consist of a mental evaluation for help, not jail time.

482 days ago


That is not a totally shaved head. It's a boys haircut. If it were totally shaved, it would be just that. Shaved/bald.

482 days ago


Another washed up, talentless "star" on drugs and booze.....yawn

482 days ago

william Clark III    

What a Girl Wants-Saw Amanda in that movie with Colin Firth,the king in the King's Speech.Run-ins with the law,is that what a girl wants,Amanda?

482 days ago


Why was she arrested? Sounds like she needs intervention.

482 days ago

Timothy Sheehan    

Even though she's a star, it's okay to screw up. We all do. It's okay honey. I would do anything I could to try and get out of it too. lol Pot. Who really cares. I don't smoke it, but if it were legal we would save billions of dollars on law enforcement with their little sting operations and would ease the overcrowding in our prison systems. Psssst, prohibition doesn't work. I think we tried that!

482 days ago
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