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Brown vs. Beauty Queen

The Violent Accusation

6/26/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Chris Brown got slapped with hit and run charges after his fender bender with a Russian beauty queen -- but we spoke to the woman today, and it sounds like their could be some holes in the case.

Plus, EX-Patriots star Aaron Hernandez gets charged with murder ... because of bubble gum. It's true ... some pretty amazing police work led cops to Aaron's doorstep, but will it be enough to convict him?

And, Paula Deen turns on the waterworks to defend her n-word scandal ... and she somehow manages to dig herself into an even bigger hole. Do you feel sorry for her?

(0:00) We talk to the women who claims Chris Brown rear-ended her -- and she reveals one tiny detail that could clear him of the allegations.
(10:00) New England Patriots star TE Aaron Hernandez has been charged with murder ... and it's probably the first time ever that piece of bubble gum could take someone down in a court case.
(14:00) Justin Bieber -- being sued for his first alleged fight with a photographer.
(18:00) We give you an inside look at how photographers try to feed us BS about their photos, and how we have to find out the truth before we post them.
(24:00) Prince Jackson gives damning testimony in his father's wrongful death trial.
(28:00) Paula Deen turns on the waterworks ... and manages to dig herself an even deeper hole.
(32:00) Miranda Kerr admits ... she does need a man in her life.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Miley Cyrus ... we owe you an apology.

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I think that TMZ commenters should get something. How 'bout a pack of Cotton Candy bubble gum?

482 days ago


What is the definition of hit-n-run? I thought is was leaving the scene of an accident.

482 days ago


If children are in the room, and they see white people saying the n word, and everyone is horrified, and black people using the same word, wouldn't that send a confusing message? Blacks need to stop using it. Find another word.

482 days ago


Paula Deen is crying because she was canceled

482 days ago


Chris Rock on when you can say n*gger...

482 days ago


Mileys awesome body from standing in line to do a line.. glorifying bull**** Harvey...I can't believe she actually got her dick in Ur mouth also.... swayed easily by the public are we???? or can U come up with Ur own thoughts????

482 days ago


Being a foreigner, doesn't speak the language, don't know this guy and he hands you a paper for insurance on a Lamborghini(expired), would you say, hey sure that's fine, c''mon!!

482 days ago


So...CHRIS BROWN is driving in a state that has SUSPENDED his license (which means that state DOES NOT want him driving in the state)... Which means he was DRIVING ILLEGALLY in the state... CHRIS BROWN then gives her a REGISTRATION/INSURANCE CARD for a car that he wasn't driving (a lamborgini is NOT a range rover)... so he DID NOT have the PROPER REGISTRATION/INSURANCE for the car he was DRIVING ILLEGALLY (by driving on a SUSPENDED LICENSE)... again... ILLEGAL...

Just the FACT that he WAS DRIVING ON A SUSPENDED LICENSE he SHOULD be charged...

482 days ago


I wish everyone would get off Paula's case! She did NOT say in the interview that because her black staff used the N word it was ok.....she said she didn't like them saying it! She has apologized for what she said (and she said it years ago). She said that the word was inappropriate. I have never seen her act in a way that showed she was above anyone else--of any race. All the hate people are showing her is horrible!

481 days ago


fuk paula deen her honkyass is sorry that she got caught she's not sorry about what she said however shes sorry she got caught because now her career is going down the toilet the food network has given her the boot now shr wants to push those crocodile tears out

481 days ago


Harvey anyone can make a Bogus insurance card!!!! How was the woman suppose to know that she was getting the right information at that time. That would be considered hit and run. I guess that it might be just as easy to make Bogus Law Degrees also.

481 days ago


I am offering a challenge to the entire Legal department at TMZ Harvey, Mike, Charles, Jason and anyone else who wants to take this? If a Person gets into a Fender Bender With Another Vehical, and the driver that hit the Car who was at fault did not want to give their information out, but instead gave a Expired Insurance Card to Another car, How is the person that got hit suppose to know they got the right information?

481 days ago

Anonymity Aardvark    

Why do you TMZ people make excuses for Chris Brown?!?!?.. he's a tool, a woman beater, has no respect for his neighbors, for laws, for the court system (faked his community service)... STOP making excuses for him. If non-celebs acted the way he did they'd already be locked up in prison doing hard time. You cut him so much slack then vilify people like Teen Mom who hasn't done anything to harm anyone...just trying to make a buck. Chris Brown, Kanye... assault people... and you guys are always calling everyone a 'hater' if they rag on these guys for being BAD people.

481 days ago

Anonymity Aardvark    

MILEY CYRUS is NOT HOT. What is wrong with you people? She has the voice of a truck driver, the hair of the bride of Frankenstein, and her face is below average, as is her level of musical "talent." You think Kanye is talented and Miley is hot... wow. TMZ is drinkin' the Kool Aid.

481 days ago


that chris brown **** is bull**** and we all know it. hell it was on tape

481 days ago
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