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Paula Deen Game

Pickin' Up the Pieces, Y'all

7/5/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen's career is spiraling out of control and business partners like Target, Walmart, and Home Depot have slipped through her fingers ... can you help her get them back???


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just sayin    

sometimes these games are funny but this feels like bullying, kicking someone when they're down like this

473 days ago


What I don't understand is why are people so offended by the thought of a plantation wedding? I can understand if she stole black people, chained them up and didn't pay them for the work they did. However, if these black people are hired and paid, doesn't that make them willing participants and if they have no problem with the work then why should you or I?

Also, if she had this plantation wedding and hired white people to be the plantation workers, then would black people be offended because they weren't hired to do a "historically" black job?

It's time for her to retire, though. She definitely needs to just shut her lips and quit talking. Time to lay low, Paula.

473 days ago


I think the companies dropping her over reacted but my real concern is the average every day people that WORK for all of the companies owned by Paula Deen. Will they lose their job and their incomes because everyone is dropping her? She will be fine but what about all her employees who depend on that income. Think beyond Paula Deen. There are many people who use those words and don't get crucified like she did.

473 days ago


She'll never get anything back if she doesn't stop talking. Plus--she's 66--give it a rest.

473 days ago


She has made millions and I hope she was smart enough to save up for retirement!!!! Never was a fan and could not stand to watch this loud mouth drama queen!!!!

473 days ago


I remember when the same people bragged about forcing Glenn Beck off of Fox News. Now, Glenn Beck makes more money than Oprah does. Paula Deen will go the same route, and you won't hear a thing about it here. Now, I will have some Chik-fil-a for lunch, suckers.

473 days ago


I wish she wouldn't pick up all the piece's ya'll, I want them on the ground so we can stomp on them awhile! That way she won't make it back somehow.

473 days ago


She needs to fire her current PR team and hire a Scandal Control team!

It seems like these businesses were looking for any reason to get rid of her! I wonder why???

473 days ago


Unfortunately, in our country, it becomes a huge UNFORGIVABLE SIN to reach a certain age as Paula has. How many of us have the intelligence and talent to go into business and become enormously successful as Paula has??? The businesses who dropped her so quickly are playing "follow the leader" by pretending they have NEVER made a racial slur among co-workers, or , at the country club, or, on the golf course. They can deny all they want, but, we all have heard it, one way or another. I, myself, had never watched her show or purchased any of her products. Simply put, I wasn't interested. This continuous bashing of Ms. Deen just reveals the cruel and deliberate nature of the authors. Nothing like kicking a person when they're down. How sad!

473 days ago

Sue Perna    

Her punishment should be for being a pig killing shill and it ought to entail her living on one of those miserable factory farms and working alongs side the other soulless people at the Smithfield slaughterhouses

473 days ago


She served up a heapin' helpin' of bad management, but Paula can come back:
Syndicate the show
Sell online direct
Self-publish and use a major distributor
Sell U.S. made products and
watch it all turn around.

472 days ago
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