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Oprah's Swiss Apology

Something Stinks

8/13/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Oprah's issuing an apology -- of sorts -- for playing the race card over her shopping trip in Switzerland ... but we can't figure out why! Did O really think it wouldn't be a big deal if SHE was the victim of racism? C'mon Oprah.

Plus, Britney Spears' bizarre spending habits! $500 manicures AND shopping trips to the 99 Cent Store?? You can take the girl out of Kentwood, but...y'know.

And, pics of Justin Bieber doing a good deed, but will his fans accuse of Photoshopping these shots too? It's day 2 of the Belieber siege on our newsroom.

(0:00) Britney Spears -- we know what she blows her millions on ... and some of her purchases are shocking.
(6:00) Lindsay Lohan gets help from Ben Affleck in rehab -- how much did his advice affect her?
(10:00) Oprah Winfrey totally hedges on her racist story about Switzerland.
(15:00) Famke Janssen's home gets broken into -- by the creepiest person ever.
(18:00) Octavius Johnson from "Ray Donovan" joins us to talk about the comparison between his character and one Justin Bieber.
(24:00) Usher's son has literally bounced back from his near-drowing ... and we also talked to the man who saved his life.
(29:00) Mama June takes a stand against bullying ... and her own daughter.
(32:00) Justin Bieber does something good!
(34:00) Kevin Federline rages at his wedding reception -- and he's lost a ton of weight!
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Harvey takes the plunge ... on Kris Jenner's TV show.


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So she is a liar....not exactly a news flash ...she has been lying for years....

249 days ago


Oprah's a business woman. Somewhere she learned her words about Switzerland will cost her, either in a defamation suit in Switzerland or with PR here. I'm guessing security cams in the store can confirm if she's telling the truth, and her attorney's just advised her of it.

249 days ago


I don't think Oprah lied. She may have heard from enough people with similar experiences to realize it was probably not the American type of racism she encountered. Sales people at ritzy shops like that often pre-judge people that way, and that particular clerk probably wasn't using her color as the criterion. Zurich has a lot of very rich people shopping (while visiting their banks) from all over the world, including Africa. More likely she just didn't fit the usual profile because of the way she was dressed, maybe also because she isn't rich-skinny like so many women the clerk was used to seeing. I'm sure Oprah was dressed nicely, but the rich shoppers in those places wear recognizable European designer duds (I think Oprah was wearing something by an American designer?) and not as comfortable and utilitarian and non-blingy as Oprah would probably choose for doing the tourist thing. They wouldn't instantly show a very expensive bag to anybody they didn't know- the chance of damage (or even theft) would be too great. It seems to be common practice to do what the clerk did, show less expensive items first. They're probably trying to evaluate the person who just came in off the street also (she's much less recognizable to Europeans than Americans). In other words, Oprah doesn't have that "look at me, I'm a famous billionaire" air about her. But other people of quite different coloration have said they've received exactly the same "oh, that's too expensive for you" treatment in such shops just because they didn't fit the "stinkin' rich" profile, especially in some European shops where the idea of fawning customer service never really caught on. Okay, they're snobs... Oprah interpreted it through an American lens, that's all. European prejudices have very different patterns than American ones, which is why so many black Americans with the means to do it have moved there. In Europe, they are most often seen as Americans first and their African heritage is just interesting. Europeans exhibit plenty of other types of racism, but just not the American kind.

249 days ago


Folks calling Oprah a LIAR , are the same people who'd like to think racism doesn't exist anymore ..Just bury your heads in the sand , and make believe

249 days ago



249 days ago



249 days ago


The shop owner has announced that she wants to speak with Oprah. That says a lot. Let's see if Oprah is really sorry this got so big, and is classy enough to speak with this woman. And not make it a PR event.

249 days ago



249 days ago


Oprah speaks Ebonics

249 days ago


I bet Harvey peed in the dunk tank...

249 days ago


Guys us in Cali we haven't seen Harvey on Kris' show yet. It airs at 3 pm.

249 days ago

Gossip gravy    

Hats off Oprah , latest Hollywood news

249 days ago


No. She didn't mention the name of the store but the owner of the store and the saleswoman came out and introduced themselves to the world because Oprah didn't tell the whole truth!

248 days ago


Might I just say that, if Justin Bieber purposefully only gave that woman the money because there was paparazzi there, he should remember that he was very close to being in that same situation before he became famous? I seriously hope this kid smartens up, and finds a better way to deal with what is obviously stress from having all of this attention.

248 days ago


I have a question for you CharlesSSSSSSSSS. Would you think of the Justin Bieber in a better light if he did a Al Jolson and shoes polished his face.
I would think better of you if you white powered your face.

248 days ago
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