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Kate Gosselin

Sues Jon Over Tell-All ...

He Hacked My Computer to Steal Secrets

8/26/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kate Gosselin
has just filed a massive lawsuit against her ex-husband Jon Gosselin -- claiming he hacked into her personal computer and bank accounts in order to expose her darkest secrets ... all for a tell-all book.

The book is called "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World" -- written last year by Jon's business partner and tabloid journalist Rob Hoffman -- and Kate claims the bulk of the book's dirt was illegally obtained.

Kate claims the book has since been removed from major distributors like Amazon as a result of its nefarious origins ... but the real dirt is Kate's allegations against her ex.

Kate says Jon stopped at nothing to dig the skeletons out of her closet -- funneling Rob personal information after hacking into Kate's email accounts, and stealing her confidential bank and phone records -- even pilfering her hard drive right out of her personal computer.

She's suing for invasion of privacy, identity theft, and a bunch of other stuff, demanding unspecified damages ... possibly even millions.


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Dead account Delete at will    

tell you what.
White people will sacrifice Kate and John to the idiot gods
Black people sacrifice Chris Brown and Rihanna to the Trash gods.
we'll push them all into a volcano in hopes for a better future?

386 days ago


Kate must need another trip to the plastic surgeon. What other "dark" secrets don't we know? Bad mother? Check! Exploits kid? Check! Fame hungry? Double Check!

386 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

LMAO, Think tmz having some posting probs

386 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Oh, the repugnant moron Kate figured out how to get more attention: file frivolous lawsuits. Are her little brats old enough to read yet? I hope they begin to read about how everyone hates their disgraceful bitch of a mother, and they all turn against her ha ha.....

386 days ago


Bitch will do anything for attention . Can't stand her . First, she uses her kids for TV, then ratting goes down on the show so she divorces John for more attention . There are families everywhere that have more kids ,more money problems but they keep it to themselves . What's next? Putting her kids on commercial so she can have a tanning bed . She's a bad mother . Her kids are scared of her, no kid should ever be scared of their parent .

386 days ago


Wish these two would go away and stay there!!!

386 days ago


This stupid woman needs to quit trying to get her 15 back.

386 days ago


The headlines this week are all about how broke she is and now comes this story. Shows how desperate she is. Sad part is the kids are old enough to know what's going on now.

386 days ago



386 days ago

Wendy A.    

This B **** will do aything to get back into the headlines

386 days ago


How else would people write "UNauthorized biographies , without going thru garabage cans, stalking, research thru theft, blatant disregard for truths, going to family and friends for dirt, using unreliable sources, total invasion of privacy?! I am NOT repeat NOT a fan of hers, I am just speaking in logic about people who choose to make a quick buck off of others successes.

386 days ago


you are entitled to dislike her and comment however, this is a problem of him illegally getting the information, she never said the content of the book is wrong. Would you trust him in your company or even in your home? Do it and copies of your mail would be public info if he had an issue with you; it's called blackmail. She's within her rights.

386 days ago


Kate Gosselin.................SHE IS CUTE

386 days ago


Kate treated Jon very bad on the show. I applauded him for trying to discipline the kids cause their bad as**s needed it plus some!! However, Kate always seemed to stop him and start an argument. She started almost every argument they had. At some point people get tired of kissing your a** with no "thank you" in return. I was glad to see Jon leave, just hate that men have to get bashed every time a couple divorces. Jon may have cheated but do you blame him?? She drove that man to his breaking point, now he has to suffer for the rest of his life because of her.

386 days ago


go away Kate, what are to trying to get his blood, you made sure you got everything. You wanted a divorce after John wanted nothing to do with the show.

386 days ago
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