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Kate Gosselin

Sues Jon Over Tell-All ...

He Hacked My Computer to Steal Secrets

8/26/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kate Gosselin
has just filed a massive lawsuit against her ex-husband Jon Gosselin -- claiming he hacked into her personal computer and bank accounts in order to expose her darkest secrets ... all for a tell-all book.

The book is called "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World" -- written last year by Jon's business partner and tabloid journalist Rob Hoffman -- and Kate claims the bulk of the book's dirt was illegally obtained.

Kate claims the book has since been removed from major distributors like Amazon as a result of its nefarious origins ... but the real dirt is Kate's allegations against her ex.

Kate says Jon stopped at nothing to dig the skeletons out of her closet -- funneling Rob personal information after hacking into Kate's email accounts, and stealing her confidential bank and phone records -- even pilfering her hard drive right out of her personal computer.

She's suing for invasion of privacy, identity theft, and a bunch of other stuff, demanding unspecified damages ... possibly even millions.


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This story is months old & I mean months old. I heard she was during him even before the book came out. Late again TMZ.

392 days ago


This story is months old & I mean months old. I heard she was suing him even before the book came out. Late again TMZ.

392 days ago


So his book is taken off of Amazon because of the allegations that KG makes? Nothing has been proven, no arrest, no charges filed, yet Amazon takes a book off the shelf because Kate is throwing a hissy fit that John can write a book too. She will stop at nothing to destroy this guy. If I were her child and I was aware of what she was doing to my dad, she would no longer be mother. I would disown her.

392 days ago


Who puts "secrets" on their computer? What a self absorbed, narcissistic idiot.

392 days ago


So let's say she wins the lawsuit, then what? Jon is broke, where will she get any money from him?Further more she will pay out for an attorney and if she looses she may have to pay his as well.

392 days ago


Don't he owe her a lot of child support?

392 days ago

monie roche    

she is such a fool...because the book will be public record and therefore, everyone will be able to read the book in full...
check out the eric and betty hayes family with two sets of twins and sextuplets...they are funny, loving and have more hardship with one of the kids having celebral palsy...
they do NOT make the older kids help the parents...but the kids love the younger ones so much that they want to help...
the parents do NOT sweat the small stuff...eric and betty not only love each other, they like each other...I wish TLC would bring them back...
kate the hate needs to just go she is ever going to get any money from the poor guy...
she deserves every bad thing that happens to her...and now we will be hearing her on every tv talk show telling about how she can barely make a living as she does hair extensions, tanning, extra cars plural, starbucks, shopping, trips, plastic surgery and THE bodyguard...what a joke...

392 days ago


So basically....everything in that book was TRUE?

Katie, Katie, saying Jon 'stole' the're saying it's legit info, not fabricated. Even if that book is half made up, now everyone thinks it's ALL true.

Really, Katie, you're an expert shooting yourself in the foot. You already got the book taken off Amazon & it's not for sale. Let everyone think it's b/c the book is defamation & not true. Instead you sue Jon saying they used actual real do***ents?
And Jon has no money to pay a judgement against you?

How does this help you again?

392 days ago


So you are mad at Jon because he exposed your craziness before you could?! Loser!

392 days ago



392 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Is she still screwing her married "bodyguard" who she was with way before that poor cuckold Jon started acting out with his string of tramps?

392 days ago

The Truth    

Jon did not ruin Kate's reputation. She did that all by herself.

392 days ago


What happened? She run out of money? Go away Kate! Besides....she's not claiming things didn't happen, just that he hacked her computer to get he info......afraid of people finding out the real her?

392 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

Your 15 mins have been long gone years ago, if you weren't careful with your money your fault goof. What makes these reality people think they are going to be relevant for years? Only thing u should do is conserve your money.

392 days ago


Brought to you by the next Dina Lohan...

392 days ago
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