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Christina Aguilera

Biggest Loser

9/19/2013 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Christina Aguilera is half the woman she used to be! She looks like it anyway, so everyone's wondering ... did she cheat to lose all that weight? Surgery ... supplements? Does it matter? And do you prefer curvy Christina to the skin-and-bones version?

Plus, the creepy encounter between a cop and Whitney Houston's body -- whatever happened in the hotel room the night she died ... drove Ray J into a rage. So, now the question is ... was there a coverup?

And, Joyce Giraud -- the new, hot "Real Housewife" -- joins us to explain why anyone in their right mind would choose to be put in the lion's den ... aka anywhere near Brandi Glanville.

(0:00) Ray J went after the cops who allegedly cracked jokes about Whitney Houston's dead body.
(5:00) Christina Aguilera's shocking transformation -- did she legitimately lose the weigh ... or is something else going on there?
(10:00) James Franco pokes fun at gay rumors -- but did he cross the line?
(14:00) Zac Efron's tragic battle with cocaine addiction.
(18:00) Joyce Giraud joins us to explain why she decided to be abused on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".
(24:00) Liam Hemsworth -- is he playing games with Miley Cyrus?
(27:00) Chris Martin finally joins Gwenyth Paltrow -- and can legally drive his scooter now.
(30:00) Terrence Howard caves to his ex's restraining order.
(32:00) Dennis Rodman's new North Korea themed commercial -- some people are outraged by it ... others just think it's hilarious. 
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's rejected pitches of the week!

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Wow ...    

Of course the P.D. said something about Whitney. It happens all of the time. Though this particular comment about her pubic area is really bad! And it is NO surprise the PD would deny it, come on. Do you think they will ever admit to making jokes at a death scene, let alone one like that??

211 days ago

Wow ...    

No, Christina did not alter her face surgically. She lost weight and looks amazing.

211 days ago

Wow ...    

Why don't you guys EVER let a female stand in for Harvey or Charles? I do like Dax, but it would be nice to get a woman up there for TMZ live!

211 days ago


Christina is tiny, a little amount if weight loss makes a huge difference on anyone who is petite. Weight loss does affect your face. No need for plastic surgery, except if face is sagging. But don't think she's that old that her face would sag that much.

211 days ago


That little kid who called from Texas made a good point - it's not like the cops would write up a report on their misbehavior on a high profile case leading it to be scrutinized by the media. They cover for each other all the time anyway and intimidate and demote those who speak up.

As for Christina she definitely lookslike she went under the knife for lipo and work on her face. And its not so far fetched to think she may have had a gastric bypass at her age considering Nicole Richie did when she was at a younger age.

211 days ago

Wow ...    

Perhaps Franco is making a mockery of the media. You know, like making up stories of Christina having face work done. Sometimes you guys just make crap up for a story, JS.

211 days ago


Christina was so hot in Burlesque. Good to see her back (side).

211 days ago

Wow ...    

A homewrecker? Are you kidding? The only people wrecking a home are the ones in the relationship. Stop blaming a third party, the commitment is between two people - if one of the two steps out, it is he/she who is the homewrecker.

211 days ago


I guess when she was heavier and said she loved her curves that was just BS.

211 days ago


The question we should ask is how many people are watching your live show, early in the morning? 10 or 20? You want to catch the audience in the east coast, but they are not watching you, as reflect by the no. of comments!

211 days ago

KnuckleDragger're not drunk, are you?

211 days ago


I'll bet Dax looks and dressed like he does now when he was 11.

211 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

The best thing about an earlier TMZ Live is that I'm noticing less interest in this site.

211 days ago


Former Fulham owner taking Michael Jackson statue away from Craven Cottage
By Brooks Peck | Dirty Tackle – 1 hour 30 minutes ago

Al Fayed challenges you to believe you're not hallucinating this. (Getty)

When Mohamed Al Fayed sold Fulham to Shahid Khan, he threatened to shave the Jacksonville Jaguars owner's impressive mustache in public if he touched the odd Michael Jackson statue installed outside Craven Cottage in 2011. The statue of a pop singer who was friends with Al Fayed never made much sense as a decoration at the beautiful and supremely traditional 117-year-old football ground. It was originally planned to be placed outside famed London department store Harrods, but when Al Fayed sold the property, he decided that Fulham fans would either have to accept the statue or "go to hell." But now it's been revealed that Al Fayed isn't going to leave the one-gloved tribute to a man who had nothing to do with the club behind.
From the PA:
Fulham were bought by the American Shahid Khan in a £150m deal during the summer, and initially it had appeared the Jackson statue would remain in place.
However, it now appears Fayed will take the statue to one of his other properties as the club press on with plans to revamp their home on the banks of the Thames.
A Fulham spokesperson said: "The statue is not part of the Riverside development of the stadium and will be returned to the former chairman in due course."
So what will replace the statue? Maybe a Shahid Khan mustache ride? Dimitar Berbatov's carpeted pleasure van? Or maybe just a far more relevant statue of Miley Cyrus twerking with her tongue out. The possibilities are limitless. It just probably won't be another Michael Jackson statue because that would be nonsensical.


Why are you not reporting this?

211 days ago


Kristiana have to admit really looks good . Franco he used his best weapon his sense of humor over something like people wanting to about his private life and used it to his advantage. think the reason some people are upset over the Dennis rodman commercial is him involving a fake kim and also prenting to wind up nuked. plus dax don't think is really a blonde he looks more a mixture of sandy brown blonde

210 days ago

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