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Lamar's Family War

His Dad vs. Kardashians

9/25/2013 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Lamar Odom ripped his father for trashing Khloe Kardashian and her family -- but now his dad, Joe Odom is not only apologizing ... he's saying he believes Lamar is clean and sober!!

Plus, Nick Carter is a huge POC (piece of crap) -- after never giving Paris Hilton a heads up that he was gonna bash her in his new book. You have to hear him try to explain it from his ridiculous perspective.

And, Daymond John from "Shark Tank" joins us -- and Harvey pretends it's 2005 again and pitches the idea of TMZ to him ... and result is beyond hilarious.

(0:00) Lamar Odom rips his dad for bashing the Kardashians -- and we have exclusive video of his dad's response.
(7:00) Kanye West's plan on how to keep from roughing up another photographer.
(10:00) Nick Carter takes a beating for bashing Paris Hilton in his new book.
(14:00) Samuel L. Jackson takes on President Obama for talking too Black ... was he out of line?
(18:00) Daymond John from "Shark Tank" comes on -- and picks apart Harvey's pitch for TMZ.
(24:00) Kim Kardashian claims she wasn't in hiding after coming out of hiding.
(29:00) Amanda Bynes -- should she be let off of her DUI charge due to her mental state at the time?
(32:00) Michael Lohan finally takes some blame for the way Lindsay turned out.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's again to read your vicious hate mail!

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Breaking: Kelsey Grammar was just seen doing doughnuts in a 7-11 parking lot with his baby on the roof the car. More on this story as it develops...

358 days ago

William j    

Lamar and his pops should have a crack smoking competition!!

358 days ago


I have a curious question for all you people who hate the Kardashians..So if you think the show is either fake or you don't watch it at all and every person on earth knows the tabloids lie..What exactly are you basing your hate of them off of ? Assuming you don't know them personally and you think everything out there about them is fake, then how do you know you hate them..? I don't care enough to check answers, this is really just a question you should ask yourself .....

358 days ago


Woodrow Wilson was one of the worst Presidents, Harvey. Read your history books.

358 days ago


Even when I turn off my ad blocker this show always stops & cuts out ???? Right in the middle of when anyone is talking WTF ?

358 days ago


Cool segment with the Shark Tank. Out of curiosity, what does TMZ stand for anyway?

358 days ago


Yep, thats it. I'm outta here. TMZ is done. More technical problems and TMZ live is off the air. "Hey Harvey! Its Lindsay Lohan!!!" Made you look.....

358 days ago


Nobody cares.

358 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Harvey you know darn well that the issue with Amanda Bynes is whether she is competent NOW to stand trial. Her mental status has nothing to do with a possible crime that she committed.

358 days ago


Fat Mike will have stretch marks now...

358 days ago


Yeah yeah...missed ya Kim. So, where's your kid?!?

358 days ago

Wow ...    

As you pitch 2005 TMZ to Dayman, you need to consider where it is going today. You guys have jumped the shark and are losing people all of the time. Certain "celebs" are spotlighted too often. You guys are creating the stories instead of getting them. You frequently turn the site and the show into juvenile talk of body parts and sex. It really isn't the Thirty Mile Zone anymore. Yesterday the front page had numerous articles for TMZ Sports...not the Thirty Mile Zone. I understand expanding, but let's not forget what got you where you are today - real celebs. Just a suggestion.

358 days ago


Kim was just trying to recover her figure without being judged in the process

358 days ago


Bynes should be prosecuted...when she gets her condition under control. She was driving while under the influence...not driving while mentally ill.

358 days ago


Once again tmz reports on the most annoying family that the public is sick of. Stop reporting on k-trash.

358 days ago
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