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Bruce & Kris Jenner's Split

Just Makes Sense ... to Them

10/9/2013 8:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Bruce and Kris Jenner swear they're getting along just fine -- and that this is the sweetest separation in history -- but we know, from well placed family sources, what's really going on ... and if they're headed for divorce.

Plus, Britney Spears calls gays "adorable" and "hilarious" -- some people are pissed because she's equating them to fun accessories ... and thinks she's treading in Paula Deen territory.

And, Coolio drops in to cook some college kids dinner and sing a few songs -- they join us to explain how the hell such a random night came about.

(0:00) Kris and Bruce Jenner separate -- we'll tell you what's behind the split ... and why Bruce can't stop saying the "f" word.
(10:00) Ryan Seacrest dissed by his old boss -- but in this case ... he totally deserves it.
(14:00) Rihanna bails on her LA mansion after too many crazy people got near it ... are Hollywood star maps to blame?
(18:00) The teens who took in Coolio for a night join us to explain how he ended up cooking them dinner.
(24:00) Britney Spears calls gays "adorable" and "hilarious" ... did she accidentally enter into Paula Deen territory?
(29:00) Soccer star Abby Wambach's marriage -- how four butt cheeks tipped us off to her nuptials.
(32:00) Zac Efron's new post-rehab zen mansion.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... viewer hate mail!

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358 days ago

Wow ...    

TMZ, you guys blew it on the Bruce/Kris story. And confirmed it in your article. They have been separated for a long time. BUT you guys and your sources said NOOO, it's all BS, just tabloids trying to get clicks. Just had to check in quickly to tell ya, you guys are losing your touch!!!

358 days ago


Just go on virtual globetrotting and look up anyone you can think of including Harvey....

358 days ago


with Khloe and Lamar is like Lamar having cancer or other illness. So is it ok for you to dump the ill partner. If Khloe had a illness and Lamar dumps her he would be considered as an evil bastard.

358 days ago

rachel perrault    

kay, this is what I think of Miley Cyrus. (even though its toats off topic) I think Miley is acting like a slut just to show us that we could be who we want to be and not let any one judge us. miley looks like shes having fun and she don't care if the world is toats hating her, I am just like Miles. (not the whole slut thing) but with the way I am. my looks, my personality and... umm... I don't know what the third thing was. but, i'm having fun. just like miley. but going commando is just a bit too much miles... <3 Rachel Perrault. Kenora ON.

358 days ago

river rat    

So nothing has changed with these two fame whores and yes, Bruce Jenner is included! All this balderdash because their tanking ratings need a shot in the arm. I sure hope people can see what is going on with this vile, nasty family!

358 days ago


Whats that mans name eating the pizza?

358 days ago


The house is basically right on Sunset.

358 days ago


the Kardashians don't mind the photogs or press until something goes wrong. Then they want privacy! Tough luck, you should have thought of that before.

358 days ago

Kathy Tygret    

I think kris is looking for a man, Every times she's on tv she states. She is. Going commando. She has been advetising for. A long. Time.She not getting any. Also who would want to sit where she ha s sat with those short dresses on. At her age things leak. Cover up or get a santy panty.

357 days ago


Kris is the money maker in the family- whoring out her entire family. Is she the manager for Branden and Brody (they market themselves as Kim's 1/2 brother). Anyhow--Kris is not going to give Bruce half- remember they live in Calif. It'd be cheaper for her to set him up and just keep him happy.
And, more importantly -where is Max?

357 days ago

Gladys Eades    

It needs to be remembered that Linda is well known to be a really scary sociopath. Look it up.

357 days ago


Britney Spears calls gays "adorable" and "hilarious" .......and thats supposed to be offensive?....lighten up people!

357 days ago


if Kris and bruce are now happy separated and it works for them so be it. for doubtful krist would start ending her marriage tor ratings. as for bruce having a reality show with brody and brandon. the guys did that it was called princes of Malibu. bet if Ryan was asked the same question about worse show Nigel was he would also pick the million dollar second.Kloe she might as well stop stalling and finaly file the papers since its what she wants unless Lamar finaly says enough going to rehab i want everything i lost back.

357 days ago


How do you get a job as a writer, when you don't even know that "well-placed" are hyphenated words?

357 days ago
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