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Levi Johnston

I Want 50/50 Custody

Of Tripp Palin

11/7/2013 1:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Bristol Palin's baby daddy Levi Johnston is tired of getting squeezed out of their son's life -- TMZ has learned, he just filed court docs to obtain 50/50 custody of 4-year-old Tripp Palin.

In the docs, Levi says he wants Tripp to be in his life as much as Bristol's because it's in their son's best interest. Bristol currently has full custody of the child, but now Levi wants Tripp on alternating weeks. (They both live in Alaska.)

Meanwhile, Bristol's attorney is insinuating it's simply a move to reduce Levi's child support payments, saying Levi owed roughly $66,000 in back child support as of October -- and now he wants to pay less.

In the docs, Levi says he's willing to pay whatever child support amount he's ordered to, but urges the court to be fair "as I have a wife and daughter to support." It's unclear what Levi is currently required to pay Bristol.


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Wow ...    

If Levi is a fit parent, it is absolutely in the best interest of their child to share custody. Go get 'em dude.

350 days ago


sorry ass bitch

350 days ago

Sassy Cupcakes    

What is the problem with him paying less is he is spending more time with his son? When will these women learn that a father in the child's life is more important than getting a vagina paycheck errrrr I mean support money every money. With or without the child the woman still needs to put a roof over HER head, the kid is just a roommate. I can't wait until the day courts start awarding more fathers full custody because they are tired of woman manipulating men for support money and then denying them access to the child because of their own mental or emotional issues of wanting to get even with their sperm donor.

350 days ago

billy pootons    

bristol aint bad looking

350 days ago


If he owes 66K in back child support, based on 4 years and assuming he has never paid a dime that would be $1375/month. That seems pretty high to me, those numbers are likely fabricated.

350 days ago


Poor Bristol. Almost as big a victim as her mom. Sometimes my fair city makes me crazy, but I was sure proud when LA kicked the **** out of that brat and sent her packing back to the tundra.

350 days ago


he's a pig!

350 days ago


Bristol is a huge wh0re and she and her dingbat idiot moron mom are using that kid as a pawn

350 days ago


They are a reminder of why abortion should always be an option

350 days ago


Doon't screw anyone you wouldn't marry

350 days ago


Yea you have a wife and child to support. And another child that you have to support from your previous relationship. Get a job sir.

350 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

This whole family continues to surface every so often, much like a herpes outbreak.

350 days ago

Lynn M    

I'm pretty sure he has visitation rights. If he really wanted custody, he would have made sure he at lest attempted to pay his child support. If it is true he owes even half the child support stated, he would be considered a deadbeat dad by most people.

350 days ago


Bristol needs to get a job.

350 days ago


He's a better parent than Bristol. She's an unfit mother, as it's been shown on TV.

350 days ago
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