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Baldwin & Stallone

Hurling Slurs in Public

11/15/2013 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Something crazy is going on ... Alec Baldwin and Sly Stallone both lashed out at paparazzi with some epithets. Alec, in particular, has been on a roll ... raging at paps and local reporters, and even getting physical. While Stallone dropped an n-bomb. Isolated fits of anger ... or signs of actual bigotry?

Plus, Michael Jackson, from the grave, backs up the bus over a bunch of other music stars -- including Britney Spears and George Michael -- calling them drug addicts ... all to win big money in a lawsuit.

And, Levi Johnston joins us to explain his epic feud with Sarah and Bristol Palin -- and after hearing this interview ... you can be sure it's gonna go on for lot longer.



(0:00) Alec Baldwin is on a rampage -- you gotta see his multiple freak-outs ... and how he tried to make it all better ... with a hairdresser.
(6:00) We talk to the hairdresser Alec used -- and he's got his own point of view on the matter ... that doesn't sit well with one of our staffers.
(10:00) Sylvester Stallone hurls the n-word at a paparazzo ... but his people claim he said a completely different word.
(18:00) Levi Johnston joins us to explain his child support war with Sarah Palin's daughter ... and it doesn't look like it's gonna end any time soon.
(24:00) Chris Brown is out of rehab and moving out of LA. Only one problem...
(29:00) Michael Jackson is back from the grave -- to back the bus over a lot of stars that had drug problems.
(32:00) Andy Kaufman is dead, people. Get over it.
(34:00) Oprah Winfrey says racist won't die until her racist generation literally dies ... and she almost has a good point.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Alec Baldwin rampage continues ... and you probably want to wear gloves when checking out used books like "50 Shades of Grey."

No Avatar

Chucky Mapoo    

Andy Kaufman is compost.

306 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

but there will always be The South

306 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Sarah Palin has children so racism will still be alive

306 days ago


Oprah, fetch me a branch...

306 days ago


Baldwin needs to get out of the Devonshire House and get a place not right on the street.

306 days ago


I sincerely doubt Andy is chilling with those cats...

306 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

I'm glad I only check ou classic books

306 days ago


About the the N and F words...Well, my poll says you come across as both exploiters and as crybabies all at the same.time. If I were picking on someone (I think standing in the middle of street counts as harrassment (oops, there's an ass there).
If that person were gay or black I might say the first and most hurtful thing that comes to my mind.

As to the veracity of a loser reporter who's clearly oversensitive about the gay thing vs the guy's hair dresser, I gotta go with the hair dresser.

Thank you.

303 days ago


It's a shame that some people such as these artists and movie stars have to use profanity or derogatory names towards others... But can't the paparazzi just back the hell up already... There should be laws against the distance that the paparazzi are allowed to be... Paparazzi have fancy cameras with long lenses why be up in their face.. You make someone not want to talk to you....

303 days ago


Michael who???

Is that the uglest and whitest guy on the top banner?


303 days ago


It's extortion. If you ask the paps to leave you alone they get agitated. They NEED to make their money off of you and will then cause a scene to make their footage valuable. Watch the clowns behavior, it's east to see.

302 days ago


What's Up With Harvey & The KIA Gerbil??

Never Mind I
Think I Can

302 days ago


alex really needs to one be left alone completly so he will quit having these meltdowns and get some anger. management. and sadly Oprah idea even though interesting will never work there will always be people who are racist and judgemental. Andy Kaufman is really laughing his head off that his final prank went off perfectly

302 days ago


This is REALLY starting to p*ss me off. I'm 46, I grew up in the generation where "negro" was how you described a black person (and you're weren't being rude, that was the word) ... and where gay people called each other "queens" and "queers" and "***s" - and they weren't being rude, that's the language that was used.

But now, all of a sudden, old guys (older than me) are actively being baited in public to "say something", and the things they're saying are things that blacks, whites and gays older than 40 know FULL WELL were common language and totally socially acceptable for YEARS - and sites like this are reeling in the bait and taking these old guys to the cleaner (well mostly. Cos old guys like JayZ, Kanye - anyone black - can use the word ****** and "it's OK" - HOW??),

Baiting old guys who haven't quite schooled up on who can use what (and it's NOT so simple as "******" is bad - cos it's not, is it? Kanye can say it, Eminem can say it, you can't - and we're all supposed to understand how the f*ck THAT works!) ....

Total hypocrisy from Gen whatever-it-is-now. And HUGE hypocrisy from the rap fraternity as always (****** is an insult unless we use it, in which case it's "social commentary" - absolute crap, how on earth do these people get away with such duality, hypocrisy?)

302 days ago


Both of these losers are over the hill "actors" who never had any real talent, only luck. Alec will soon join his other loser brothers as has beens. Good riddance!

302 days ago
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