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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Putting the Fun Back in Crack

11/18/2013 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford -- aka Crack Mayor -- may be the world's greatest PR genius, because instead of becoming a hated politician ... he's now seen as a ridiculously funny entertainer!

Okay, he's a little hated too ... especially by the Toronto City Council.



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Most of the negative remarks regarding Rob Ford are from a bunch of socialists with nothing better to do than ride on a guy that has faults. He has never done anything wrong while in office except try to save the City of Toronto money. Unions hate him because he negotiated privatized garbage collection that went against what Unions stand for. I am also surprised that no one is questioning how much money was wasted in order to follow this man for 5 months. Someone out there has a hidden agenda against Rob and is doing everything in their power to make him fall. Unfortunately it is not succeeding as his approval rating is actually increasing! And to call what councillors did on Monday as democratic is BS... what would be democratic would be to put forth a motion to have an early election and have the people decide who they want in power.

Everyone has their faults and I would say if he spent our monies frivously like the Liberal Party of Ontario has done with the Ornge Scandal, eHealth scandal, gas plants, etc I would agree he should be kicked out. If we can do this to a guy who has faults like lying, why are we not doing the same for other politicians in power like Wynne??? Or more importantly why isn't Joe Fontana, mayor of London, Ontario, getting the same kind of surveillance and media sensationalizing as Rob Ford is enduring for his corruption???

275 days ago

Embarrassed in Toronto    

Wow!, we made TMZ ! I am from Toronto and am so embarrassed of the international attention this low life, narcissistic, uneducated idiot has brought to my great city. Yes, people make mistakes, but NOT “I smoked crack” NOT I used disgusting language on national television, NOT ya I have the “occasional” drunken stupor. If I acted this way ay my place of employment I would not have a job. He was raised rich and pretends to be “one of the people” I want to know what people? My fellow Torontonians are NOT in support of this idiot. He has the mentality of spoiled 10 year old with no impulse control, and some strange sense of entitlement that he does not deserve. I wish they would hold an impromptu election as he would be OUT of our government for good. He DOES NOT represent what Toronto is. He is a low life, uneducated thug, who can barely string words together to make a coherent sentence, without his almost as equally idiotic brother Doug the puppet master speaking for him!

275 days ago


Douchebag media trolling losers! Bobbie is the BEST Mayor Toronto ever had! Liberal and socialist fudge packers can continue with their agenda but Canadians KNOW the difference between vultures like the media and those that want what's right for the people like Rob Ford does! Piss off with this witch hunt and realize that news media is finished you trolls!

275 days ago


He reminds me of Chris Farley's SNL character...and he'll probably end up in a van down by the river too.

275 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lmao. and i thought you had to be skinny to smoke crack! xD

275 days ago


Not funny to joke about crack. Have you ever had anyone you love die from it? It is heartbreaking. This town needs to rise together against this joke of a person.

274 days ago


The reason why he was in Toronto was to see a football game?!? He LIVES in Toronto, you idiots!

274 days ago
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