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Conrad Murray

Ignites War With Katherine Jackson

11/25/2013 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_wasser_murray_jackson_boyle_tmz_getty Katherine Jackson's lawyers think Conrad Murray is a coward who is trashing the man he killed for profit.

One of Katherine's lawyers tells TMZ, "Murray has refused to go under the OATH KNIFE and his attempt to exploit Michael are despicable and disgusting."  Translation:  He took the 5th because he's guilty as sin and now he's selling sordid stories about MJ to line his pockets.

Another lawyer sent Murray's attorney a scathing email, calling the doc "reprehensible."

But Murray's lawyer, Valerie Wass, quickly went on the counterattack, saying,  "You and members of your client's family have been bad-mouthing my client for a long time.  I don't blame him for talking, especially after ... you tried to portray him as an awful person."

What's unclear ... how Murray talking about holding MJ's penis clears up anything.


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There all bottom feeders...

334 days ago


Murray's book will be out in 10 seconds.

334 days ago


Um.... Michael was the one addicted .......

334 days ago


MJ has given you everything he has Katherine, you can't wring him out anymore. Stop using his name in an effort to drum up more money for you and your other (useless) kids and let him RIP. Take the high road.

334 days ago


Well, seeing as how Murray is a doctor who was found guilty by a jury of his peers of killing his patient, I think the Jackson family is justified in calling him an awful person.

334 days ago


mj killed mj with his drug addiction.

334 days ago


Why is he telling us MJ was incontinent and had to wear a condom catheter to bed every night, amongst other private things?

If he and Michael were as close as Murray is saying, then why is he releasing such personal stuff about him? Does he think it will make people who believe he negligently killed MJ change their minds about him?

I feel bad for MJ's kids. They do not need to hear stuff like this unless it's necessary testimony in a courtroom they're seated in. There are enough things in the public about their dad that must be difficult to hear over and over. Murray is just piling on, not being the friend he claimed he was.
None of this will get his medical license back, so what's the point?
He's awful in my opinion.

334 days ago


The family is sniffing to see if there's any money to be made. Like usual.

And the bozo doctor is going to say all sorts of things at this point to try and make some money.

I just hope we don't end up making him famous or anything and that he doesn't get a reality show. Draw the line at writing a book. Then he can disappear.

334 days ago


Right, because we all know only the Jacksons are allowed to exploit Michael's memory.

334 days ago


Murray was up to his ears in debt. He took the job for the $$$ and fame...that's why Michael died from the drip he was left connected to as Murray talked to his girlfriend on the phone. There was no real concern for Michael otherwise Murray wouldn't be trying to trash him now. He's just mad that he wasn't monitoring Michael as he should have. And I'll bet this wasn't the first time he ignored Michael when he should have been monitoring him correctly. Things didn't turn out the way the money hungry doctor thought they would. Let him's too late now anyway.

334 days ago



334 days ago

mj fan forever    

But it's all greedy unnatural mother Katherine 's fault if murderer can exploit Michael Jackson's name and taking profit by a HOMICIDE as she dropped the restitution request after the ex prosecutor David Walgren PLEADED her not to do it!!! And just because she wanted murderer to testify in her all for money trial, now she is just pissed off since he refused!!! She should just be ashamed!!! With no doubt his quack lawyer agrees that her murderer client sells his disgusting LIES about Michael Jackson, ANYTHING for money even defending a murderer and she expects a share of the money he can get from the media but NO surprise there!!! She and her murderer client have NO moral NO ethics and NO respect for human life!!! He should have continued to rot in jail before finally rotting in hell MURDERER!!!

334 days ago


Anything connected with Michael Jackson is going to make Blurry some money. The more dramatic or embarrassing the details the more articles can be written and the more money for Blurry's interviews. It's the same now as it was back in the day when Michael was constantly being tormented and lied about in the press. And stupid people will eat that kind of stuff up. Anything for a buck, eh Doc Blurry?

334 days ago

Amber Olson     

Here they go again, they will try and sue anything. Greedy family

334 days ago


This is insane! There are laws to protect patients privacy! How can he be allowed to do this? He is breaking the law! I hope no one ever allows this POS to practice medicine again. Why isn't the trust going after him? No doctor has the right to do this! Especially one that killed his patient!

334 days ago
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